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You've Just Purchased A New Gas Fire! Here's What You Need To Do First

Got yourself a new gas fireplace? Stop right there. For a start, le'ts just take a moment to enjoy the feeling of transformation you've made to your home and the many happy events that will take place around this new hub of the house. But there is another reason to pause for a second. You'll want to run a very first cycle to burn off the residue of the manufacturing process and get rid of those industrial odours that happen with ovens and cookers and all kinds of appliances. It's not a big thing. We'll walk you through it. 

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Are Electric Fireplaces Energy Efficient

Cutting to the chase - yes. Next? The thing is, when you switch off your electric fire, the heat stops straight away. You can’t get much more fuel efficient than that. There’s no waste of energy, like waiting for the fire to die down (as with solid fuel), or in other words, no waiting for the units you’ve just bought and thrown onto the hearth to finish what they started. Instead, you turn the electric on, and you have the heat right then and there. Turn them off and it stops. Electric fires don’t need to be told twice.

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Open Fire Vs Gas Stoves: Which Is Best For You

There’s nothing quite like an open fire if you enjoy the look and feel of an authentic and traditional heating solution. But let’s be honest. You could say exactly the same about a gas heating stove. They both provide a focal point for your living space and a warm and familiar hub to everyday family life. In fact, there are plenty of reasons why the gas version might suit you even better than an open fireplace. Why don't we have a closer look at the options?

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