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High Efficiency Fires - No Chimney Required

There’s no reason why not having a chimney or flue means that you can’t benefit from have a stunning focal point in you room. Superior Fires continuous commitment to gas fire and electric fire development means means that you can benefit from new gas fire technology to enable you to install a beautiful fireplace within your living room without the restrictions or costs of a chimney or flue. Equally, our next generation electric fires provide an ultra realistic flame effect that is very efficient to run. 

High Efficiency Gas Fires

We have a large range of High Efficiency Wall Mounted Flueless Gas Fires that do not require a chimney or flue. Flueless fires work using catalytic technology and therefore all the heat generated by the fire enters your room. Flueless gas fires not only bring you the benefit of reduced gas bills, but also the added convenience that they simply hang on the wall using just four screws. Therefore no building work is required and the fire can be installed in almost any room. 

If you are looking for a sightly more traditional inset gas fire format to be installed with your existing or new fireplace then our Westbury range of High Efficiency Inset Flueless Gas Fires also include our flueless technology. The Westbury range is based upon a traditional inset gas fire and can be installed with a number of fireplaces, but due to its innovative catalytic flueless technology doesn't require a chimney or flue. It features all the benefits of flueless catalytic technology; 100% efficiency, reduced running costs, simple installation, realistic coal fuel bed and an ultra clean burning ribbon burner. 

Alternatively, our sophisticated Flueless Gas Stoves are easy to install and simple and safe to operate. These types of fires are freestanding, making a welcome focal point for your room. Our range of Flueless Gas Stoves come in different colours and materials. All of our flueless gas stoves are 100% efficient, meaning 100% of the gas is converted into heat output. With a five year warranty too, these stoves will be a fantastic addition to any room for many years to come.

High Efficiency Electric Fires

If you don't have a gas supply in your home and you are looking for a electric fire then we have a lovely range of High Efficiency Wall Mounted Electric Fires for your to choose from and available in a variety of different colours and finished.  Our wall mounted range of electric fires are easy to install and just require an electric mains power supply. Look out for our, bottom vented wall mounted electric fires as these allow a TV to be installed above!

We also have a range of High Efficiency Inset Electric Fires if your are looking for an electric fire to be installed with a new or existing fireplace surround. All our inset electric fires have been designed with removable spacer frames to provide a flexible installation options, allowing the fire to be installed fully inset, semi inset or simply positioned flat against the wall.

High Efficiency Fires - Chimney Required

Our range of Grosvenor High Efficiency Gas Fires incorporate a glass front which optimises heat performance and efficiency. Grosvenor gas fires are suitable with most pre-cast flues, class 2 pre-fabicated flue systems and class 1 chimneys. They are available in a choice of chrome, brass, black and stainless steel finish. 

The glass front of the Grosvenor High Efficiency (HE) gas fire significantly reduces the warm air being drawn up the chimney or flue. In addition to this, the convection air design draws in present cold room-air and circulates this through the hotbox to produce convected hot air back into the room. This increases heat output up to 4.1kW and efficiency to 90%.