Superior Fires

Superior Fires is the leading online retailer of high efficiency gas fires, electric fires, stoves and fireplaces. Superior Fires is a subsidiary of Focal Point Fires, the largest gas fire manufacturer in the UK. For over 30 years we have been built up a strong reputation as a company who strives for excellence in every aspect of our business; from design, R&D, manufacturing, marketing and sales. At Superior Fires we are confident that we have a fire to suit every budget, project and style. You can also be reassured that as we are the manufacturer you can be sure that you will receive the best prices along with great customer service and product support for years to come.

Superior Fires represents our vision to create a new direction in online retailing. Our collection of high efficency gas fires, electric fires, stoves and fireplaces achieve the perfect balance between form and function. Driven by obsession, we have endeavoured to seamlessly integrate our products into the living space in the sincere desire to provide an environment that will stimulate the senses by providing instant warmth and visual entertainment.

In our pursuit to question the universally accepted tradition that the fire can only be installed in a room at one level we have developed a range of fires that makes it possible to integrate the fire into previously unthinkable locations, where the demand for instant warmth and sensory pleasure is just as relevant in the kitchen, dining room, and study as it is in the living room.

Through innovation we have created something special, something so unique that our technological advancements allow us to achieve 100% high efficiency fires without the need for a chimney or flue. So proud are we of this technology that we have lifted them up off the floor and made them simply hang on the wall, for everyone to appreciate. Superior Fires introduces both elegance and quality to the individual who values the very best in exclusive fire design.

This is our vision and we hope we can help create your perfect focalpoint.