Product Guide - Electric Fires

If you don’t have a gas supply to your home but want to benefit from a focal point in your living room you may wish to consider an electric fire or stove. Our range of electric products simply plug in to the mains electric supply and can be varied between: flame effect only, or flame effect and heat.

How do I calculate the running cost of my electric fire?

The running cost can be calculated using the calculation: Running Cost = Energy Input x Your Electricity Supply Tariff.

Example for a Shaftesbury Electric Fire: Energy Input (gross) 1.8kW x Electric Bill Tariff (gross) 14.66p/kWh = Running Cost 26.39p per hour.

Your ‘Electricity Supply Tariff’ can be taken from a recent electricity bill, or contact your electricity supplier.

This price is provided by uSwitch on the 17th July 2015 and is based upon a customer living in BH23 2BT, paying monthly by direct debit on a dual fuel tariff.

Are electric fires easy to operate?

We aim to design all of our fires to be easy to use and simple to operate. Our range of electric products feature high-level switches, and certain models a remote control, designed purposely with the elderly or infirm in mind.

What’s the difference between an LED and LCD flame effect?

Cleverly arranged LEDs controlled by a microprocessor have enabled us to achieve a much more realistic flame effect which is substantially more reliable and economical to run.

Our premium range of electric products feature an innovative LCD panel and multimedia processor capable of playing a range of real life film sequences. Our flame videos with real crackling log sound effect simply cannot be beaten. All sequences are controlled by remote control.

What safety features are on my electric fire?

For your added safety all our electric products are fitted with a thermal trip switch that monitors the temperature inside the appliance, and senses any change if it becomes covered or displaced for any reason.

Can the flame effect be used independent of heat?

All our electric fires and stoves benefit by having the flame effect operational on its own for visual enhancement only - without heat.