You've Just Purchased A New Gas Fire! Here's What You Need To Do First

Got yourself a new gas fireplace? Stop right there. For a start, le'ts just take a moment to enjoy the feeling of transformation you've made to your home and the many happy events that will take place around this new hub of the house. But there is another reason to pause for a second. You'll want to run a very first cycle to burn off the residue of the manufacturing process and get rid of those industrial odours that happen with ovens and cookers and all kinds of appliances. It's not a big thing. We'll walk you through it. 

Gas fireplaces are just a dream to fire up. So inviting and easy. Your slippers will be on standby and Netflix can't wait for you to find a seat. But before you use your gas fireplace for the very first time, there's an important couple of steps to go through. It all beings by opening all the windows in order to create an essential flow of ventilation that will carry out any unwanted fumes from the first lighting straight out of your living space. If you happen to have a fan fitted to the ceiling, it's worth switching that on too in order to help circulate the air. Done that? Okay, next step. 

Now, you'll want to set the heating to the max. Switch it to the high setting and just be patient. If you are starting to see some wispy white smoke, it's likely to be the new paint and surface oil burning away, which is what you want. So there is no need to panic. Just don't inhale too deeply...Just as well the windows are open! 

Let the fire burn like this for about three hours. You'll be roasting by then, and the gas fireplace will have begun to settle in nicely. At this point, you will want to turn it off and let it cool down completely. It's an important step not to be rushed but just let it go stone cold again before moving onto the next step. 

Finally, set aside the best part of a day because you'll want to light up the fire and leave it on a high setting once again but this time for up to eight hours. No less than six if you can't manage eight. You really will, by now, appreciate the power of gas for heating your space. Have some lemonade chilling, and imagine you're in the Costa del Sol. Sunglasses optional. 

And then after all of this, you're good to go. The next time you'll need to think about your fire in terms of maintenance is likely to be a year from now. At this point, you'll want to get in touch with your gas fire dealer or preferred heating engineer so that they can give it a check and ensure it's still all working according to plan. Think of it as a little birthday celebration for your fireplace. 

In between times, quick dust off with a dry cloth and then is all you really need to do. Gas fireplaces are a wonder of modern heating technology. You'll feel as if you have all the benefits and advantages of a traditional open fireplace but with none of the drama and responsibility. 

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