Choosing The Right Fireplace Surround

Which fireplace surround is going to suit your home? The way it looks is obviously a massive consideration, but the style of the surround itself is not the only thing to bear in mind.

What’s the look and feel of your living space? Do you like the natural minimalist look? Do you have classical furniture with antiques and inherited ornaments adorning your home? Is it a super-chic contemporary vibe, or does it have more of a shabby-chic cottage feel to it? The great thing is, that whatever your preference there’s likely to be a fireplace surround that enhances your decor and lifestyle. And you don’t need to assume that one particular kind of material is always and only going to be suited to one particular kind of dwelling unless there's a reason you need to match the look and feel of a particular era with historical accuracy.

So what’s your budget? A wooden surround is likely to be the least expensive option, and you can pick up ready-made fireplace surrounds from a local DIY store quite easily. At the other end of the price scale you have materials like cast iron - unless of course, you can source a vintage second-hand fireplace surround that fits the bill. It could cost anywhere from a couple of hundred pounds to several thousand, and you’ll also want to budget for professional installation costs if it’s a more unusual design.

You could have a style of fireplace surround that incorporates its own stack of logs. That makes it both practical and attractive. Or a double sided fireplace is a nicely updated way of bringing the living flame into the heart of living space. These are often found in public spaces and eating houses and can act as a great room divider or welcoming central feature if you have space.

What size of a fireplace are you looking at? If you haven’t selected a fire yet, the size will depend on the dimensions of the space you want it to heat, so that it does the job without wasting energy or needing a secondary heat source to boost the warmth.

Think about the amount of maintenance you’re willing to put in. A quick dust will probably work for a finished wooden surface, but if you choose an absorbent stone that can pick up stains quickly you’ll have to be more careful. Stock up on the necessary cleaner for unexpected marks that appear through wear and tear.

The popular fireplace surrounds have reasons for their tried and tested designs, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t select just the popular model that seems most fitting to make your room look like so many others. But if you want to do something unique with your space, your novel choice could turn a humble fireplace into something that makes you feel truly creative, rejuvenating your room.

Before you choose the obvious fireplace surround, have a look around. Some of the more unusual alternatives may trigger your imagination. The right choice could make all the difference.

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