Product Guide - Stoves

Gas Stoves are an excellent way to improve the feel and look of your home. They can also provide a very efficient source of targeted heat to rooms, rather than wasting money heating rooms which aren't occupied. Installed by a Gas Safe engineer a gas fire and fireplace can transform your living room adding desirability and helping increase the value to your property. Superior Fires believes shopping for a new or replacement fire should be a pleasurable experience so we have prepared below a guide to help you understand the technical jargon, and answer some of the most common questions. 

If you don’t have a gas supply to your home but want to benefit from a focal point in your living room you may wish to consider an electric fire or stove. Our range of electric products simply plug in to the mains electric supply and can be varied between: flame effect only, or flame effect and heat.

Can I have a flueless gas stove?

Flueless gas stove do not require a chimney or flue and can be installed in a fireplace, inglenook and flat against a wall. Please check section 4.0 in instruction manual for more information on installation. Flueless gas stoves can not only be installed in the living room but also the dining room, office, or kitchen but they are not suitable for bedrooms or bathrooms. Flueless gas stove will require an accessible 8mm gas supply and the allowance of a 100cm² air vent to be installed in the room.

Do flueless stoves require a minimum roomsize?

Yes flueless gas stoves require a minimum room size of 35m³ (3.82m x 3.82m x 2.4m)

Who can install a flueless gas stove?

All gas product must be installed by a qualified Gas Safe engineer however they do not require an electrician as they have battery spark ignition. At Superior Fires your safety is of paramount importance and this is why we offer a nationwide Home Survey and Installation Service to ensure you not only get the flueless gas stove you like but it is installed and working correctly all for a competitive price.

Are flueless gas stoves easy to operate?

Our range of flueless gas stoves are easy to operate and are fitted with a patented low level front facing slide control system which allows you to turn the flueless stove on/off and control the heat.

Are electric stove easy to install?

Our range of Augusta LED stoves come with a 1.6 metre mains power cable and the Amberley and Hambleton LCD electric stoves come with a 2.0 metre mains power cable. Both the LED and LCD range of electric stoves are all bottom vented heated which allows them to installed below a TV.

Are electric stoves safe?

Every electric stoves are fitted with a Thermal Trip Switch which cuts off the fan heater if the air inlets or heater inlets are obstructed.

Can I use my electric stove as a primary heat source?

Electric stoves are perfect at creating instant additional heat and should not be used as your primary source of heat.

What are the benefits of LCD stoves?

Our ultra realistic LCD electric stoves offer the same benefits as our LED range although additionally incorporate LCD technology. This is redefining the way we experience personal space heating and creates a new standard in digital electric fire design. Our LCD electric stoves all have 9 real scenes including log fire, twig fire, coal fire, gas fire medium, gas fire high, gas fire blue, abstract scene, nature scene and aquarium scene.

Do any of your LCD stoves have a remote control?

Both the Amberley and Hambleton LCD stoves come with a remote control which allows you to operate the volume and the choose between the 9 screnes.

What are the benefits of LED stoves?

LED technology not only provides a deeper, richer flame picture with enhanced flame movement but is also a fraction of the cost to run when compared to a conventional incandescent bulb. It will last a lot longer too.