Open Fire Vs Gas Stoves: Which Is Best For You

There’s nothing quite like an open fire if you enjoy the look and feel of an authentic and traditional heating solution. But let’s be honest. You could say exactly the same about a gas heating stove. They both provide a focal point for your living space and a warm and familiar hub to everyday family life. In fact, there are plenty of reasons why the gas version might suit you even better than an open fireplace. Why don't we have a closer look at the options?

Having an open fire as a source of heat is often seen as the simple and easy route to warming your home naturally. After all, if you have a chimney and a hearth, and as long as you get it checked to ensure everything is safe and sound, the chances are you can be up and running with some solid fuel straight away. By this evening your family could be huddled around enjoying the ambiance while toasting marshmallows and watching Netflix. What’s not to love.

Add a fire guard to ensure the spits and sparks from burning logs don’t damage carpets, furniture, pets, or people gently dozing off nearby!

But with gas heating stoves, you get all that and more. Gas is clean, efficient, convenient and safe. With the action safely hidden behind a glass panel, flames and sparks and embers aren’t going to be a problem. You don’t have to order, chop, dry or carry the fuel, you don’t need to load or feed the fire, and if you do feel like cleaning it afterward, it’s just a quick dust with a duster when it’s cooled down. That beats working with a brush and shovel and transporting ashes outside for disposal.

The great thing about gas heating stoves is that they can be brand new and yet look truly authentic and traditional. You can benefit from all the best of contemporary design and technology, while still having that old world ambiance of cast iron and heavy steel. Being gas, the cost efficiency is really good too. Much better than an electric heating appliance. And, unlike electric screens projecting virtual flames, you’ll see real fire flickering behind the glass. 

When it comes to open fires, you don’t get the chance to control the heat with the same convenience. You load the logs onto the fire, and you more or less have to let them burn out, even if the house is roasting with excess heat. With gas, it's different. You can just turn it off when you’ve had enough, and so not waste any fuel. Perfect. Choose the size of stove you need to suit the space you need to warm, and you can be sure to keep your home cozy without overdoing it.

So if you’re looking for a heating solution that has the best of both worlds, consider a gas heating stove. It’ll take a little more thought to have fitted, since you’ll need a registered professional to deal with the gas connection, but thereafter, it’s a breeze. And you can still watch Netflix, and marshmallows don’t always need to be toasted. There’s always popcorn...

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