Wall Mounted Electric Fires - Suitable For Even The Smallest Of Living Rooms

Seriously. What is not to love about wall mounted electric fires? In the right place, the benefits are pretty much endless. You can transform a little room and make it look like a little palace without it costing the earth and with very little cost for initial installation. 

The thing about electric fires is that you only require a plug socket. Okay, you can it specially built into the wall with wires that are completely hidden if you want that clean but look, but the point is, it's not something that needs a chimney or a huge amount of building work, unlike let's say gas. Even if you're wall mounting your appliance, it's surprisingly simple.

You have the choice, of course, to embed the fireplace into the wall, by making an alcove that's specially designed to house the fireplace. If you opt for that, you could end up with the look and feel of something that approaches as a real open fire, but without any of the upkeep issues. 

An even easier idea is to hang your electric fire on the wall itself, with strong brackets supplied for the job, keeping it safely in place at all times. Again, depending on the model you choose, it can be the making of your living room. Your brand new wall mounted fireplace will be striking and it's amazing what happens to a room when you switch on a brand new fire. 

You don't have to have the heat pumping out for your fireplace to have any sort of impact. Choose a wall mounted electric fire with separate controls over the visuals, and even on a warm spring morning, you can have the flickering flame in the background without paying for the heat you really don't need. 

Maintenance is dead easy! Like all electric fires, you don't really have to do more than give it a gentle dusting every now and then, and ensure that the vents are free of debris and not covered by clothes or other furniture. Obviously, check that any electric flexes are in good condition and not chewed away by any of your furry friends living with you! Simple maintenance is one of the key features of electric fires. 

Cost wise, electric fires are good because you don't pay for the energy you don't use. Turn it on for a little while then turn it off. No fumes, no smoke, no sparks, no spending your weekends dealing with log deliveries, chopping, stacking and stoking and all those things that open fires need you to do. You can just put the kettle on. Even have a biscuit if you'd like one. 

And when we say even the smallest rooms, maybe not the bathroom! But remember, that spare bedroom could become a stylish office. Even a conservatory or garden house could be an extra living room. Wall mounting saves space and allows you to have the whole appeal of a beautiful fireplace with very little hassle. 

So why not take a corner of your home that was previously underused and unloved and then turns it into your favourite cosy TV room, playroom or sanctuary for unwinding. You get so much more than heating when you choose to install an electric wall mounted fireplace in your home. 

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