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Below you will find our most common searched terms when shopping by fuel. If you expand each heading you will find some outline information with useful links. Simply press on the links to help you get started to buying your perfect gas fires, electric fire or stove.

Natural Gas Supply

If your home has a natural gas supply and chimney or flue then we have a large selection of Conventional Flue Inset Gas Fires for you to choose from. Our natural gas inset gas fires are designed to cater for the different types of fireplace openings, and therefore you will note that our fires have different depth designs. Natural gas fires are connected to the mains gas supply by an 8mm gas pipe.

If you don't have a chimney or flue, or your existing flue is not working then don't worry. We have a range of Flueless Gas Fires which can be fixed to the wall or inset in a fireplace to create a mesmerising focal point in your room. Flueless gas fires are a fantastic option when style, efficiency and heat output is required. Additionally, the are very flexible as they can be installed on internal wall without the restrictions of a chimney or flue.   

We also offer a range of Flueless Gas Stoves which work on a natural gas supply. Flueless gas stoves look like a real wood burner are far more efficient and clean to maintain. You don't have to worry about the expensive installation costs as flueless stoves are pretty simple to install by your Gas Safe registered engineer. There's no need to worry about ordering logs or storing them, and you will not have to clean a flueless gas stove after use as there are no ashes. Flueless gas stoves offer the following benefits: 100% efficiency, reduced running costs, simplified installation and servicing.

Electric Supply

At Superior Fires we have a large range of electric fires to choose from. If you have a modern interior and looking for a Wall Mounted Electric Fire then you will not be disappointed. Our wall mounted electric fires come in an array of different materials and finishes; from cool stainless steel to contemporary black glass.  

We also have a fantastic range of Inset Electric Fires which are designed to complement your new or existing fireplace. These are available in a choice of LED or LCD technology

Alternatively, for the latest in home decoration we have a fashionable range of Electric Stoves from traditional black cast effect finish to ultra modern electric blue and bright red finish.

Finally, if you are after a one-box solution we have a range of LCD Freestanding Electric Fire Suites that come complete with electric fire and fireplace combined.

LPG Supply

Our range of LPG Gas Fires are designed for modern homes without a chimney or flue. This is possible thanks to our flueless technology which provides flexibility to install our LPG fires on the wall. Our LPG fires have grown in popularity over the years as they only require a LPG bottle to provide the source of fuel. LPG Flueless gas fires offer the following benefits: 100% efficiency, reduced running costs, simplified installation and servicing. Incorporating the latest in gas fire technology flueless gas fires do not need a chimney or flue to operate. Instead the combustion gases pass through a catalytic system positioned at the top of the appliance which converts carbon monoxide into harmless carbon dioxide and water vapour. Levels of which are so low they are typically present in fresh air.