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Is It Time For Your Annual Fireplace Inspection?

Posted on 19/3/18 10:37 am By Chris Harrison | 0 Comments

Everyone who owns a gas fire these days will testify to their benefits. Contemporary gas fire appliances are crafted and designed to be a thing of beauty, and they’re perfect for heating any home, where efficiency and push-button convenience are the priority.

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If you’re reading this, we’re betting you’re moving into a new place, and the adrenaline is building because you already know you’re about to become the proud owner of one of those lovely new gas fires everyone’s talking about. Lucky you! But if you’re a bit of newbie, you’ll probably need just a bit of guidance to find your way around heating your home. That means it’s time for your master class in gas fire ownership. Fortunately, you’re in luck, because we have the tips that will get you well on your way to gas fire expertise. And the really good news is, there’s not that much to learn.

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Gas and Electric Fires: How Fake Will You Go?

Posted on 5/3/18 10:12 am By Chris Harrison | 0 Comments

We all have a soft spot for the real log fire. The ambience is unbeatable, it sets the scene for family gatherings, great conversation and generally welcome warmth in the home when it’s frosty outside. But we all know that it takes a bit of maintenance to keep that fire looking its best, leaving a gas or electric fire as a convenient alternative for those whose lives are busier and who prefer quick and easy over the hands-on experience of stacking logs and fanning flames.

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Picking The Right Stone For Your Fireplace

Posted on 26/2/18 9:36 am By Olivia Claydon | 0 Comments

When you’re restoring or replacing your fireplace, choosing exactly the right stone will make all the difference. Whether you’re looking for a classic marble fireplace, or something more rustic and dressed down, there are a number of options you could consider.

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Gas Stoves Vs Wood Burners

Posted on 19/2/18 8:33 am By Chris Harrison | 0 Comments

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to heating solutions, and what works in your home might be different from what suits someone else. So it’s well worth thinking carefully before you take the plunge and invest in your new unit or system. In particular, if you’re mulling over the difference between solid fuel wood burners and gas stoves, these are some of the considerations you’ll want to weigh up.

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The Flueless Gas Fire: How Does It Work

Posted on 12/2/18 10:19 am By Olivia Claydon | 0 Comments

It’s a well known fact that gas fires lose around 50% or more of their heat through the flue. But have you ever heard of the flueless gas fire? That’s right. A flueless gas fire where absolutely all the heat stays in your room rather than escaping through the chimney. You might be wondering why you haven’t heard about this before.

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Say Hello To The New Generation of Electric Fires

Posted on 5/2/18 4:12 pm By Chris Harrison | 0 Comments

If you’re a fan of electric fires, you’ll already know about the advantages: the convenience, the immediacy, the efficiency, and the cleanliness in comparison to solid fuel burning chimney-requiring versions.

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Moving home is a big thing for anyone, no question about it. The logistics of transporting all your worldly goods from one location to another is enough to organise before you even consider finding new schools, transport routes, amenities and local friends.

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Signs that show you really need a new fireplace

Posted on 22/1/18 9:26 am By Chris Harrison | 0 Comments

There’s nothing better to come home to than a warming fireplace is there. The ambience is warming and homely, whether you’ve stacked the logs and fanned the flames yourself, or flicked a switch.

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The history of the Fireplace: Where did it all come from?

Posted on 15/1/18 9:23 am By Olivia Claydon | 0 Comments

Once upon a time, somebody invented the fireplace. Yes, it was way back of course, since the fire was first produced when people rubbed two sticks together or hitting a stone with flint to create a spark.

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