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Artificial intelligence seems to be creeping into all aspects of our lives, and as the innovation develops, it seems that we can do more that we ever thought possible. .

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Is There a Reason Why We Love a Fireplace?

Posted on 9/6/17 1:29 pm By Shannon Keary | 0 Comments

Sitting by a fire when it’s cold and wet outside is many people’s idea of a perfect winter evening. Hearing the crackling logs and seeing those glowing coals brings about a feeling of nostalgia, and there is an evolutionary and biological reason behind why we seem to love sitting by a crackling fire. 

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Summer Vibes: How To Bring The Sunshine In

Posted on 31/5/17 1:19 pm By Shannon Keary | 0 Comments

The indoor is still just as important for entertaining and relaxing as the outdoors, so get ready to bring summer into your home with our latest guide.

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The Best Electric Fires For 2017

Posted on 30/5/17 9:21 am By Shannon Keary | 0 Comments

Looking to invest in a new electric fire? Here is our top picks for electric fires in 2017, which one will you pick?

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Fireplaces through the ages

Posted on 23/5/17 2:16 pm By Shannon Keary | 0 Comments

Fireplaces have long been a key part of our homes, providing warmth, aesthetics and a focal point for the room. They have come a long way from dangerous open fires to modern gas and electric fire alternatives that are widely available today. We’re here today to delve into the depths of fireplaces through the ages to show you just how far we have come:

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5 Ways Your Home Will Benefit From an Electric Fire

Posted on 19/5/17 3:47 pm By Shannon Keary | 0 Comments

Investing in an electric fire could save you a pretty penny and a lot of hassle in the long run! Here are just a few of the main benefits of one of these fireplaces.

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The Best Gas Fires for 2017

Posted on 18/5/17 9:34 am By Shannon Keary | 0 Comments

On the market for a new gas fire? With the innovative technologies, stylish modern finishes and new features, it can be hard to choose which one to buy! Fear not, as we are here to help with 10 of the best gas fires available in 2017: 

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10 things to consider when renovating your home

Posted on 15/5/17 2:32 pm By Shannon Keary | 0 Comments

Whether you are simply taking the task room by room, or giving the whole house a new leaf of life, here are 10 things that you’ll need to consider when re-vamping your home…

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Choosing fires: Gas or electric?

Posted on 11/5/17 2:14 pm By Shannon Keary | 0 Comments

When decided whether to invest in gas or electric fires, it can be difficult to decide which one is the best option for you. There are pros and cons of each which will need to be carefully considered, as each feature will benefit your individual spaces differently. We’ve got a handy infographic here to help you to figure out the best option for your home! 

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Insiders tips: Interior design secrets

Posted on 5/5/17 1:33 pm By Shannon Keary | 0 Comments

When you are deciding on the interiors of your home, it can be difficult to know where to start, including what colours to choose and where to place that feature electric fire. We don’t all have an interior designer at our disposal, so here are a few interior design secrets that will help to fool proof your interior decoration efforts:

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