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These days, a gas fireplace is a thing of beauty. Contemporary designs and upgraded technology mean gas is the choice of those who want a mix of aesthetic, convenient and economic. Gas can be perfect as a heating solution. But always remember - gas installation is a professional job. Getting it put in with all the necessary safeguards and regulations is absolutely vital. Here are some things you really need to know if you’re planning the installation of a gas fireplace.

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How To Maintain A Wood Burning Fireplace

Posted on 7/1/19 10:01 am By Olivia Claydon | 0 Comments

A wood burning fireplace is a nostalgic ideal that all other fireplaces aspire to. Given the choice, we reckon most people would choose to sit by a wood burning fire to relax, chill out, socialise. Other fuels have their advantages - the efficiency and convenience of gas, the spontaneity and portability of electricity. But if your home has a wood burning fireplace, the ambience is unbeatable.

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An Electric Stoves Suitable For Smaller Rooms and Flats?

Posted on 31/12/18 3:17 pm By Chris Harrison | 0 Comments

When you’re choosing between the various heating solutions available on the market for a smaller room or flat, electric stoves are something you should really consider.

For a start, the installation is quick and easy. It’s not like you need a registered heating engineer or electrician, and, let's face it, if it’s only a small room you probably don't want the fuss and bother of a lot of preparation or remodelling. Electric stoves can provide a ready-made transformation of your living environment. Plug it in, and off you go.

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What Style Of Fireplace Should You Choose

Posted on 24/12/18 3:01 pm By Olivia Claydon | 0 Comments

At this chilly and festive time of year, many households are considering an upgrade to their domestic heating. A brand new fireplace is one perfect way to enhance your home decor, as not only will it transform your living space, it will give a strong focal point around which your family and friends can huddle on the cooler evenings. So, whether you’re just revamping the surround for your fireplace, or going the whole way and installing a brand new heating system let’s look at some options.

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Can You Fit A Gas Fire Even If You Don't Have A Chimney

Posted on 17/12/18 2:56 pm By Chris Harrison | 0 Comments

What’s the solution if you’d really like a stylish fireplace but your home has no chimney? Many people think the lack of a chimney rules out benefiting from the many advantages of a gas fire. Well, yes, the convenience, the efficiency, the cost-cost-effectiveness of gas is hard to rival, but if you're thinking that having no chimney means you’re destined for electricity or nothing, here's some good news. While in the past this may have been true, these days it doesn’t have to be. Just as technological advances are transforming all areas of contemporary life, the big news story in the world of the humble fireplace these days is the balanced flue system. A balanced flue system does away with the need for a traditional chimney, and it’s extremely efficient and safe.

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Can You Install a Gas Fire On An Inside Wall

Posted on 10/12/18 2:50 pm By Olivia Claydon | 0 Comments

Are you wondering if you can have a gas fireplace in an internal room without access to an outside wall? The short answer is yes. You definitely can install a gas fireplace even if you only have an internal wall available - as long as you have the required outlet. What you’re going to need is a balanced flue that can vent through the ceiling of the room, up through any rooms above, and out through the roof. A false chimney breast is often the best way to disguise this.

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What Is Actually The Real Cost Of Running Your Fire

Posted on 3/12/18 2:34 pm By Chris Harrison | 0 Comments

When it comes to working out which fire is going to be best for you and your home, running costs tend to be a major issue. It’s all very well having a fireplace that looks amazing in your living space, but obviously, gas fires and electric fires have different running costs, and it’s important to check that the cost of the one you choose is going to be manageable. Let’s have a look at the running costs associated with each option.

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Guide To Fireplace Rugs, Do You Actually Need One?

Posted on 26/11/18 10:39 am By Olivia Claydon | 0 Comments

Do you have a stone or granite hearth in front of your fireplace? You might have decided that’s not necessarily the look and feel you want for your room, but actually, hearts are about safety as well as design. Open fires tend to spit out sparks occasionally, especially with certain kinds of fuel. If you’re not careful, a tiny speck could damage your flooring, burn the carpet, or even cause a fire. So it’s well worth thinking about your hearth and taking steps to reduce the risk. A fireplace rug could be something you should consider.

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Fireplace or Stove. Which One Should You Buy?

Posted on 19/11/18 10:31 am By Chris Harrison | 0 Comments

With winter on its way, the thought of curling up in front of a fire is very tempting isn't it. You might be thinking of updating your current heating solution or installing a brand new fireplace for the first time. So what should you choose - an open fireplace or a stove? Let’s consider the options.

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Which Gas Fires Are The Most Efficient

Posted on 12/11/18 10:09 am By Olivia Claydon | 0 Comments

When you’re choosing your new gas fire you’re going to be looking for cost-effective heating and stylish designs. It’s important to consider fuel efficiency with any new fire because the running costs are an ongoing consideration well beyond the initial cost of the unit. Here’s a quick overview of things to consider.

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