Eleanor Parkyn

How to Declutter Your Living Room Before Christmas

With the festive season upon us, the likelihood is that you will be having family and friends visiting your home for the Christmas holiday period; whether that be for Christmas dinner itself or a catch-up and present exchange over mulled wine and mince pies. With the cold weather making us spend more nights in in front of the television, things in your living room may have become a little cluttered. If you’ve got your tree up, with an abundance of presents tucked away beneath it, you’re probably already a little pressed for space as it is! You are also bound to get more things gifted to you over the holiday season, so making some space for those presents now can be a really great way to get ahead. Follow our top tips to get your living room looking clutter free for Christmas:

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Mirror vs TV: Which One Works Best Above Your Fireplace

In the past, there was no decision to be made. If you had a fireplace, the likelihood is, it featured a mirror above it. But now, with flat-screen and wall-mounted TVs becoming the norm, the mirror above the fireplace has found itself a rival. We take a look at the difference between hanging a TV or a mirror above your fireplace, and which one will work best for you: 


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