How to Declutter Your Living Room Before Christmas

With the festive season upon us, the likelihood is that you will be having family and friends visiting your home for the Christmas holiday period; whether that be for Christmas dinner itself or a catch-up and present exchange over mulled wine and mince pies. With the cold weather making us spend more nights in in front of the television, things in your living room may have become a little cluttered. If you’ve got your tree up, with an abundance of presents tucked away beneath it, you’re probably already a little pressed for space as it is! You are also bound to get more things gifted to you over the holiday season, so making some space for those presents now can be a really great way to get ahead. Follow our top tips to get your living room looking clutter free for Christmas:


1) Quick Sweep

Start your tidying session with a quick sweep for items not in the place they are meant to be. If you’ve finished wrapping up presents, then return all of the sellotape and scissors to the drawers that they’re meant to be in. The same for items like shoes and bags, if they have designated racks or hooks. Return DVDs to their correct cases if they are loose, and put away on shelves for easy access next time you fancy watching them.


2) Organisation

It’s quite likely you’ll have a stack of paperwork and magazines all jumbled up on a table or cabinet. Letters that weren’t the highest priority have probably been abandoned here. But this isn’t a case of sweeping it all into the bin, as there is bound to be an essential document mingled in among there somewhere. To keep you from getting overwhelmed, this is an easy job to do in front of a cheerful Christmas movie, while you’re warmed by the gas fires. Sort each piece of paper into things that can be filed away, things that still need to be dealt with, and things that can be thrown in the bin or recycled.


3) Bookshelves

You’re bound to get at least one book for Christmas, but the likelihood is that your shelves are already packed tight. Now is the perfect time to have a sort out, taking any books that you’re unlikely to read again to the charity shop. A good way to get some cleared is to have a rule in place, such as; for every four books you keep, one must be donated.


4) Electronics

If you don’t have a home for TV remotes and games controllers, now is the time to get one! Leaving these loose around the room will just lead to them being lost or broken when people come to visit. A friend may move them to make way for their mug of mulled wine on the table, and come Christmas day you won’t be able to find the right remote to watch those all-important Christmas specials. Find a nice basket or box to store them all away in while you’re entertaining; at this time of the year, it can even be festively decorated to make it look even more a part of the room.


5) Sofas

The sofa is one of the key features of the living room, so having them presented beautifully can really make a massive impact on the room. Ensure that the seats are clean and clutter free. Arrange the cushions neatly; this could even be a time to buy some new, festive themed cushions to add further elements of decoration to the room!


What are your best tips for tidying up your living room for Christmas? Let us know via social media, or in the comments! 

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