Mirror vs TV: Which One Works Best Above Your Fireplace

In the past, there was no decision to be made. If you had a fireplace, the likelihood is, it featured a mirror above it. But now, with flat-screen and wall-mounted TVs becoming the norm, the mirror above the fireplace has found itself a rival. We take a look at the difference between hanging a TV or a mirror above your fireplace, and which one will work best for you: 

Round One: The TV

Space Saving

There is no question that the number one thing we look for when arranging our rooms is saving space. Many of us have more stuff than we have the space for already, so freeing up a little room on the floor where your TV on a stand used to be can be incredibly beneficial. If your TV is already wallmounted in a different location, then moving it to above your fireplace can also save on wall space where you may want to put up bookshelves or other decorations.

Better Room Layout

With televisions becoming increasingly larger, placing them in the room can also prove a little awkward. Having a large screen in one corner of the room can really throw off the balance of the entire room. While your attention is meant to be drawn to the TV, it is perhaps not the first (or only) thing you want guests to see when they visit; especially if you have put a lot of thought into your interior design. Placing the television above the fireplace can add symmetricality to the room, balancing out the room, as well as making your fireplace the focal point.  

Less Neck Strain

If your TV isn’t above the fireplace, there is probably a seat in your living room that leaves you craning your neck a little to get a glimpse of the screen. Placing the TV over the fireplace means that everyone in the room gets a prime viewing spot!


Round Two: The Mirror

Room Will Feel Bigger

Mirrors have a magic ability to reflect the light that is present in the room. This will open up the room, making it feel a lot bigger than it really is. Plus, above the fireplace is the perfect spot to catch that light!


Above the fireplace is the ideal positioning for you to catch a glance of yourself as you walk by. It makes it far easier and more convenient for you to do a quick hair-check before you head out. Admit it - we all do it, so why not make it easy for yourself!? 

Can Stand The Heat

An important thingto remember is that not all TV’s are suitable to be placed above a fireplace. While most modern electric fires are built to carefully heat the room without causing your expensive flatscreen any harm, some people are a  little wary of placing them above a fire. Mirrors on the other hand are risk free, with no inner workings there to go wrong in the first place! They should sit above your fireplace for as long as you want.

This debate may have swayed your mind one way or another, but ultimately the choice is all up to you! Both TVs and mirrors can work wonderfully above your fireplace. Alternatively, you can leave the space above your fireplace bare, or featuring a piece of art. Let us know which you would prefer above your fireplace on social media. 

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