A Buyers Guide To Flueless Gas Fires

Gas fires have always needed some kind of chimney or at least an external wall. That sounds like common sense. But, believe it or not, having no chimney is not a problem these days, when it comes to getting a gas fire. You just need to ensure you go for a flueless gas fire.

There are so many good reasons to go flueless. These expertly engineered designs of heating appliance can solve a whole host of issues while bringing you a whole array of advantages. So let’s have a look at some of the factors and features, in the hope we might just sway to you toward getting a flueless gas fire.

With no chimney, you could, of course, go electric. But if you’re looking for something permanent and every day, gas is hard to beat. With a flueless gas fire, you can benefit from the competitive cost-efficiency of this fuel source. There’s only a little building work required, and of course a qualified professional to do the installation and maintenance, but in the end, you’ll be left with a real gem of a permanent heating source.

Have a carbon monoxide alarm in your room at all times to be absolutely sure, and check it regularly for peace of mind and to be on the safe side. But basically, the safety standards of flueless gas fires are extremely impressive. These fires shut off automatically if ever the air quality dips below a safe level. In tests, many of these models more than exceed the recommended safety levels. They have a particularly impressive track record in terms of gas fires.

The room you choose for your flueless gas fireplace needs to be big enough, as it draws oxygen from the room in order to burn. It also needs to have a window that you can open to minimise any condensation. The clean air flows through a heat exchanger, the warm air rise and is expelled through another vent, with any toxic fumes being filtered out in the process and converted into harmless carbon dioxide. Make sure you have sufficient ventilation so that this process can continue unhindered, and you have the perfect gas fire set up, even without a chimney.

If you choose an inset model, it can go into your wall and provide the look and feel of a traditional hearth. The real flame is hard to beat, but you won’t have to do any log carrying or sweeping like you would with an ordinary open fire. Equally, you can have a wall-mounted version, or have a fire that sits in the wall at a height above floor level. These are called hole in the wall flueless gas fires. A really slick and contemporary look that’s very modern in appeal.

We hope we’ve convinced you. If you’re in the market for a gas fire and you thought it was out of the question without a major construction job, now you can think again. Consider the benefits of the new flueless gas fires, and you could be right on track for having your dream fireplace in your very own home after all.

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