Why You Should Opt For A Wall-Mounted Electric Fire

Wall hung electric fires have changed the way we see electricity as a fuel for heating. In the past, the idea of an electric fire might evoke old-fashioned images of those lethal, glowing red bars of wound wire, emitting fierce heat from within a silver cage. It was effective, but it was hardly ambience. These days, the look and feel of an electric fire is completely different. Much closer to the real thing. And when you can have a screen that can be wall-mounted, it’s as easy to fit as a TV. Even easier!

In fact, it’s the simplicity of fitting a wall-mounted electric fire that’s the major selling point for many people. You can decide, one early morning, that it's exactly what you need for your room, and then have it bought and fitted into place later that day. Perfect if you’re looking for a quick fix that’s also stylish and economical. You won’t need a professional involved, unlike a gas fire, where the requirement for a licensed and registered heating engineer is a matter of law. With electricity, it’s usually as easy as plugging it in.

Another reason you might go for a wall hung electric fire is that there’s hardly any maintenance required. Give it a quick dust with a dry or slightly dampened cloth when you’re passing now and then, and while you're there, notice whether or not the flex is in good condition. That’s just about it. It’s not like an open fire with solid fuel, which needs logs to be loaded and stacked and stored and chopped and carried and so on.

The design of your home will also be a factor in what you choose. If you have no chimney, and you want a fire for a corner of your home where it’s not convenient or cost-effective to do major structural change, an electric fire is likely to be your best bet. With a wall-hung version, you won’t even need to free up floor space. In fact, you could choose to warm a summer house with this kind of fire, or a garden shed for that matter. As it is a wall-mounted electric fire you’ll only need suitable fixings and a dry and sturdy electric socket.

Now, if you imagine you may move house in the next few years and you’d like to be able to take your fire with you when you go, a wall-mounted electric appliance is ideal. Unplug it, transport it, plug it in again. There you are. Mounting it on the wall is only a matter of getting the right fixings. It’s not a difficult job, and if necessary you can find a local builder or handy person to do it for you.

They’re safe too. No sparks to fly, no embers to tumble out. No lingering heat to watch out for once you’ve switched it off. No naked flames, and with it up there on the wall, little risk of anyone accidentally covering the vents. 

And there's also that side benefit with a wall-mounted electric fire, that you don’t have to have the heat on all of the time, you can simply enjoy the visual effect of the fire even on days when heating isn’t necessary. That’s a gentle way to save money while keeping a spring or autumnal room feeling pretty and atmospheric during your morning coffee.

Wall-mounted electric fires. What’s not to love!

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