Why Should You Upgrade To A Gas Stove

Are you the current owner of an electric stove that needs replacing? Wondering about switching over to gas? If so, you’ve come to the right place! We're just about to run through some of the key advantages that come from choosing to upgrade to a gas stove solution. We reckon these key pointers will help you make the right decision for your home.

First of all, there’s the legendary style and feel of cooking with gas. What’s not to love about preparing food over an open flame. Many people prefer to have gas for their kitchen stove because it just feels right to have that ease of fingertip control over your heat source. With just a quick turn of the dial or knob, you can adjust the setting for the pots and pans, to give an instant rise or drop in the temperature. No waiting around for the appliance to heat up or cool down. And that can be making stove-top cooking an altogether nicer cooking experience.

With a gas stove, you’ll also have a quicker method of stove-top boiling and simmering. That’s because of the distribution of heat, from flames that can gently lap the sides of the cooking vessel as well as concentrating on the base of the pot. You don’t need to have it blazing high to get all the benefits of a flaming heat source.

How does gas rate in terms of the running costs for a stove? Obviously, this is a major consideration for most people who are choosing based on a strict budget. Well, the great news is that gas is more cost effective. In fact, the reduction in fuel costs can be up to a third cheaper than using electricity for cooking. This definitely mounts up if you have a large family to cook for and you need to use the gas stove daily. Those savings are worth bearing in mind.

And, it may not happen all that often, but have you ever experienced the crucial moment when you have food cooking away on the electric stove and suddenly there’s an unexpected power cut? The lights go out, the TV turns off, and far more importantly, the family dinner that was cooking merrily on the stove is now about to be undercooked and wasted. There’s not much you can do about it when you’re solely reliant on your electricity supply, but a gas stove solves that. With a gas stove, you won’t be affected by an interruption in the electricity supply, whatever the cause. That means you can keep cooking on gas even when the power goes.

So if you’re thinking you might be in the market for a gas stove, in our view it’s definitely something you should seriously consider, for both practical and economic reasons. Have a look through the many styles on offer and you’re sure to find something that suits the look and feel of your kitchen. If you need any more advice on gas stoves, contact us.

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