What Style Of Fireplace Should You Choose

At this chilly and festive time of year, many households are considering an upgrade to their domestic heating. A brand new fireplace is one perfect way to enhance your home decor, as not only will it transform your living space, it will give a strong focal point around which your family and friends can huddle on the cooler evenings. So, whether you’re just revamping the surround for your fireplace, or going the whole way and installing a brand new heating system let’s look at some options.

For most people gas, electric, and solid fuel fires are the main alternatives. Each one will have its own advantages, but the chances are you’ll be able to find the look of the fireplace you’re after in a number of fuel options.

First off, think about where you want your fire to go. The lounge or conservatory? Did Wall mount or in an existing chimney? And then consider whether you're looking for a stove or an open fire design. Freestanding models available include an electric powered freestanding stove, whether you opt for a clean cut contemporary styling, or the more traditional wood-burner look, suitable for a country cottage or older home.

You might decide that your existing open fireplace just needs the chimney swept and checked by a professional, so you can go ahead and burn solid fuel in a grate. That can be a give you a really atmospheric fireplace, but just be aware of the maintenance required. The fuel will need regular ordering and storage, and you’ll have to stack the fire, tend to it, and sweep the hearth clean afterwards. Some people love this return to traditional life. Many others prefer a little more convenience.

One alternative is to opt for a half-mounted inset fireplace, in other words, with a stove or fire that are built into the wall but makes the most of the existing hearth and other features. So for example, you could have your fireplace built into the original chimney, but using another kind of fuel. If you choose a gas fire, you'll enjoy the cost-efficiency of gas, with heat available at the touch of a button.

As an alternative, a stylish and up-to-date look is to have an inset stove that sets the fireplace completely into the wall, thus conserving your floor space. You can choose the height it’s set at, which makes this kind of fire an adaptable and attractive heating source in bedrooms as well as lounges and dining rooms.

If neither gas nor solid fuel is an option for you but you still like the ambience of living flames, certain electric fires can provide the same visual ambience without the need for a chimney or a gas supply. You could even choose a model that allows you to light up the flames for a design feature during warmer months without the need to heat the room at all.

An electric stove is another option for those households who enjoy a traditional feel but without the hassle of cleaning and maintenance. Even when the fire isn’t lit you’ll have an elegant feature that will make your room feel more homely.

With such a range of fireplace alternatives available, you should be able to find a style that suits you and your budget. Contact us if you’d like some help with choosing the ideal fireplace for your home.

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