Regular Maintenance Is Critical To Safe And Proper Functioning Gas Fireplace

Stay on top of gas fire maintenance, and you’ll find the day-to-day running will be a breeze. Gas fires are often preferred as they need far less maintenance than an open or solid-fuel burning fire. You just have to flick the switch and the heat is instant, and the cost-effectiveness almost unrivalled. But like anything, from car mechanics to household cleaning, it’s no good leaving your gas fire for years and then expect it to keep operating as good as new. Schedule the necessary inspections and services that need to be done, and put it in the diary each time for next year. You’ll have the benefit of a well-cared-for gas fireplace for years to come.

When we’re talking gas fire maintenance rather cleaning the bathroom, the great news is that you pretty much have to get the professionals in to do the job. But it’s up to you to book them at the right time and to check you really have someone who knows what they’re doing. What kind of thing will your professional have to do to maintain your gas fireplace? A few things.

First of all, they’ll be checking the gas supply is working safely and effectively. That means checking there are no leaks, ensuring the gas pressure is optimised, and testing there are no other issues with the supply that need addressing. This is all likely to be fine, but you still need a registered professional to go through the checks to be absolutely sure.

There’s also the issue of the unit itself, which will need proper cleaning to dust out any cobwebs or insects that have made their home in there when you weren’t looking. It’s the tiny things like this that can happen during the summer, and then cause an unexpected problem in the winter just when you really need your fire. It can hinder the smooth operation of the pilot light and ignition, so it's well worth the check under the cover.

Another important job that happens during gas fire servicing is the inspection of safety cut-outs. Safety is a prime consideration in the design of gas fireplaces. We all need to be able to rely on the failsafe mechanism to do its job if ever there’s a dangerous fault. With professional servicing, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing your gas fireplace has its own plan afoot to cope with any safety issues.

In between services, give the outside of your gas fire a bit of dust with a dry cloth, and check now and note any obvious faults - cracks in the glass, the ease with which the controls work. Obviously, if you smell any gas, you should report that immediately. That way you’ll be in control of any problems before they get any worse. Keep any mantelpiece or nearby surfaces free of flammable materials that could fall into the gas fire, and watch out for pets and children when it’s lit.

Need any more help with gas fire maintenance? Give us a call. We can chat with you about gas and other heating solutions, and point you in the right direction for the heating guidance you’re looking for.

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