What Is The Recommended Fireplace Size For Your Room

Fireplaces come in all shapes and sizes, so when it comes to choosing one for your own home, you might feel a bit spoilt for choice. However, there are certain criteria that help to narrow down it down a little. One of the basic decisions anyone faces in choosing a new fireplace comes down to the size of the room, and the amount of heat needed for properly warming it.

Of course, the power of a gas or electric fire is going to depend on the volume of air you need to heat. It’s important to check on the wattage of modern fireplaces, to ensure yours is going to do the job of heating your home without overpowering your living space by being too hot.

And it’s not just the power of a fireplace that's important to check when you're choosing an appliance to fit your room size. The look and presentation of any heating appliance are integral to the ambience it creates in your room. Choose carefully because this is a decision that will make or break your home decor.

If you wondered how to size fireplaces, it’s usually the measurement of the top of the fireplace, which is generally the same measurement as the hearth. With an existing chimney breast, a good rule of thumb would be to ensure there is a gap of around 2 inches between the outer edge of the fireplace and the edge of the chimney breast set within it. That’s a good way to ensure the right look and proportions. This is also the best way to determine the size of flat or slimline fireplaces for your room. That 2-inch gap is going to ensure you have a balanced look to your fireplace without swamping the room, and without the fireplace feeling lost.

Deciding on the right surround for your fireplace is going to depend on the kind of look and feel you have to your home. If you like a minimalist look that’s hardwearing and easy to clean, consider polished marble. For a more rugged or natural look, you could go for unfinished stone. Whichever you choose, make sure you get a fireplace that is going to fully enhance your room but not leave it feeling too big for the area.

Sizing of fireplace surround tends to fit in one of four standardised dimensions. Different makes and brands may have different specifications, but they’ll all fit somewhere around the following measurements: The largest sized surrounds for fireplaces are sometimes called 'Grand' size. The measurement is 54 inches wide, or 1372mm, and it’ll be perfect if your room is ready for a substantial size of the heating device that is really going to be a striking feature. The regularly sized fireplaces tend to be a little smaller at 48 inches wide, or 1219mm. For a slightly smaller room, consider a Petite fireplace, at 42 inches, or 1067 which is probably what you’ll need for a small room with a narrow fireplace. But if your room is even smaller, how about the Extra Petite model, at 40 includes in width, which is 1016mm.

If you need any help deciding on the fireplace size that fits your room, get in touch with us and we’ll be ready with tailored advice for your home.

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