5 Myths About Electric Fireplaces, Busted!

Do you think you know everything there is to know about electric fireplaces? Then think again. Much of the popularly known information about this kind of heating appliance is misunderstood. And that’s why we’re here to set the record straight and tell you a few things you might not have realised about electricity as a fuel. Let’s bust those myths once and for all.

First off, if you’re thinking electric fires still look old-fashioned like they did decades ago then think again. Modern designs are far more realistic than they ever were, and most even feature flames a screen that can be adjusted to look like the real thing. If you already knew this, then did you know that the visual display can usually be operated separately from the heat? That means you can enjoy the cosy visual ambience of the flickering flame even on days when you don’t really need to add extra warmth to your home. That’s a great way to save money. Depending on the technology used, you could be forgiven for thinking you’re actually looking at a real-life log fire. Perfect.

Myth number two is that electric fireplaces cost the earth to run. No, actually it’s more like just a few pence. You can click the heat on and it begins to warm the room immediately. No more waiting around to get warm.

So how about the environmental cost? Well, in at number three, we can tell you that electricity is a fuel with no emissions. Generating electricity can involve some more problematic issues, but since renewable sources can also be used to generate electricity, it’s generally good news if you’re looking at electricity for a relatively eco-friendly solution for the main source of domestic heating.

The fourth myth we can bust about electric fireplaces is about repairing them. If you’ve heard it said that electric fireplaces can’t be mended, that’s just not true. In the first place, they come with comprehensive manuals to let you know what’s easy to fix. There’s also customer support available for the trickier issues. And of course, a decent engineer is going to be able to come and solve any other problems. That means, a day or two after you discover a fault with your electric fireplace, the chances are it’ll be repaired and working properly again. Good as new.

And finally, the fifth myth buster we can deliver is about the levels of heat you can get from an electric fireplace. Choose the right size and power to suit your room, and you’ll enjoy comfortable heating with 100% efficiency. That’s about as cost-effective as it gets, and your room will be as snug and warm as you’ll like it to be. The secret is in the in-built fan that disperses the heat silently around your living space.

There you have the top five myths busted around electric fires. So don’t shy away from electricity as fuel if you want convenience, efficiency, cost-effectiveness and flexibility. It’s a perfect option.

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