Can You Install a Gas Fire On An Inside Wall

Are you wondering if you can have a gas fireplace in an internal room without access to an outside wall? The short answer is yes. You definitely can install a gas fireplace even if you only have an internal wall available - as long as you have the required outlet. What you’re going to need is a balanced flue that can vent through the ceiling of the room, up through any rooms above, and out through the roof. A false chimney breast is often the best way to disguise this.

With a balanced flue, you can have an open gas fireplace that looks just like a solid fuel burning open fire if you like. That's great news if you like the traditional look but you don’t have an original real-life chimney breast already in place.

An alternative to the open fire, flue and false chimney option is to locate your gas fireplace in an external wall. It's worth noting that this way you won’t be taking up excess floor space either, which is particularly good if that's at a premium. A rear exit balanced flue will free up your floor while providing all the ventilation you need for your gas fireplace.

The existing cavity wall is usually deep enough to house the fireplace, and then on the outside of the house, you would see the flue coming out proud of the wall by about 20cm. That might be far more convenient for you than a fireplace that encroaches on your internal living space.

But if you want an even less intrusive option but you still want a stylish statement piece as your heating solution, you could move from a gas fireplace and go electric instead. This kind of heating solution could be as simple as plugging it into the wall, and possibly hiding the cable if you want a slicker look. Aside from the (optional) work required to bury the power lead in the wall, you can place an electric fire anywhere you like in the room.

Electric fires can be inset into the wall, to give a similar look to the gas fireplace, which means you have a wide choice of options available when you’re looking to recreate the look and feel of a traditional hearth, but using gas or electricity, for convenience and fuel efficiency.

Wondering which fireplace is going to suit your living accommodation? We can help you with that. Have a look through the models available online, and contact us if you'd like some additional help. Whether you’re situating your fireplace on an inside wall or venting it externally, there are numerous styles and designs, so you can pick the perfect option to suit you.

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