High Efficiency Gas Fires 101

Have you heard of High-Efficiency gas fires? They're a serious alternative for the eco-conscious and those looking to save on their energy bills. It’s an option you should bear in mind if its time for you to upgrade your heating solution in the near future.

You have to experience gas as a fuel source to know what a great fireplace solution it makes for the home. It solves a few different problems that other fuels present. It’s really easy to clean, very convenient to operate, and it gives you immediate heat on demand with just the touch of a button. However, with older models of gas fire, as well as all that valuable heat, you end up spending money you don’t need to on fuel that’s wasted simply because it escapes up the chimney as part of normal operation.

That’s a design flaw that all gas fire users had to put up with until recently when the latest technology raised the bar. Modern engineering, as with most walks of life, is making for rapid developments in contemporary gas fires, meaning they are much better than they used to be - not least for fuel efficiency. What’s more, with the high-efficiency gas fire appliances on the market, you can enjoy anything up to 100% fuel efficiency from your gas fire with a new appliance. That’s great news if you’re thinking about the environment as well as your bank balance. It’s definitely worth considering High-Efficiency gas fires.

Of course, purchasing a new gas fire is an initial expense you still have to consider, but when you factor in the reduced ongoing running costs of the better engineered contemporary models, you could well find you’re saving a lot of money in the long run. These savings are even more substantial with the latest High-Efficiency gas fires that are specifically engineered to ensure minimal waste of energy.

High Efficiency gas fires

Now, a full central heating system is still going to be a better bet if you need to heat the whole property. Central heating gives you a really efficient option for a number of rooms. But if you’re hoping to increase the warmth in just one single room, a brand new High-Efficiency gas fire can be a perfect option.

Other fires, such as solid fuel or electric, have their place too. If you need to be able to move the fire easily to heat a spare room or to transport a fireplace to student accommodation and back again, you’ll be much better with an electric fireplace. If you’re considering a house move in the next year or so, you might want to choose an appliance that’s easier to bring with you. But High-Efficiency gas fires are going to be a serious contender in most households looking to heat a single room with fuel efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

If you need some help deciding on your next heating appliance, then contact us for advice. We’re here to help you with any questions on High-Efficiency gas fires, electric or solid fuel fireplaces and stoves.

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