Are You A Gas Fireplace Newbie? Here Is Everything You Need To Know

The first thing to get your head around is the manual settings. If they’ve left you a manual for your gas fire, that’s going to help, at least so you can work out the model and make, and armed with that info you’ll be able to do a bit more research if anything goes wrong. They might even have written the serial or model number on the manual, but if not, the manual should show you where to find it - perhaps behind a panel or underneath, out of the way. If you hit the jackpot, somewhere on the manual there’ll be a note of the nearest trusted heating engineer. You never know, you might be that lucky.

If your lovely new fire has a remote control, this could be a good time to replace the batteries. They’ll probably last a long time, but since you don’t know when they were last changed, doing it now while you’re thinking about it should ensure reliable operation for the foreseeable future.

Ready to light the fire? Don’t be afraid to call that helpline if you’re in doubt. Always better to have peace of mind. But if you’re going it alone, investigate whether you’re looking at electronic ignition or a standing pilot light. If it’s electronic ignition, there’ll be a switch, and you’ll want the gas to be flowing before you flick it. Any problems, turn that gas off again and consider the helpline.

If it’s a standing pilot, you’ll need to turn up the valve control, or the thermostat. These versions keep running all the time, using just a tiny amount of gas when you don’t need the heat, unlike electronic ignition, where the spark has to light the flame.

And after all that information, as a newbie gas fire owner, you need to make sure you stock up on some essentials: well-earned cocoa, your favourite wine, a range of games and movies, and a few good books. Put some music on, get that gas flame burning and you’re good to go.

So there you are. Your basic guide to your new gas fire. If you need further assistance, or you’re trying to choose the right model for your lifestyle, get in touch. We’re really happy to help get you on the road to gas fire ownership.

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