Choosing The Best Gas Fire For Your House

Gas fires are a longterm popular choice for anyone considering a new fireplace in their home. There are so many reasons why gas is likely to suit you if you’re in the market for a new appliance. Gas is convenient, safe, economic, and efficient, and gas fires come in a wide range of designs. Let’s have a look at what would suit you in your situation.

If you already have a gas fire in place and you just want to update, a new model is like to make all the difference. Contemporary stylings are nothing like in the old days, and so your room could feel like you’ve had a complete makeover by just replacing the fire.

Ceramic plates are what makes the heat radiate in radiant gas fires. Warmth is retained in the plates and the circulating air carries it to the room for an extended time even when the fire is no longer lit. If you don’t already have a gas fire, and you don’t even have a flue or chimney, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t have a gas fire. Balanced flue gas fires still need ventilation via an external wall, but they are designed to be suitable for even houses that don’t have chimneys. They’re great value for money in terms of running costs since none of the heated air is lost. Those cosy mornings you need to click the fire on while you do your chores are all the more comfortable when you know it’s a cost-effective way to warm your home.

Perhaps you like the idea of a ‘real’ fire, but you want the convenience of gas. Why not choose a gas fire that is open fronted, so that you can experience the flame as you would in a solid fuel fire. Some come with a glass front and they’re great for ambience as well as practicality. Imagine your favourite living area in the house made perfect with a real flame gas fire.

Gas fires come in traditional styles as well as updated looks, so if you have a cottage or a home that has more classical features, you’ll still be able to find a style of gas fire that suits the feel of your living space. It’s worth looking through the range of options available so that you’re not limited to designs you automatically associate with gas. Traditional family afternoons together in your updated country home could be enhanced by a gas-fuelled fire. Just the place to drink soup after a few hours out in the woods.

If space is a premium, having your gas fire set into your wall could be a better option than a model that has a whole mantel or hearth effect. The inset versions can have the effect of a warm focal point, like a television set back into the wall but with more ambience. Imagine those hot coals burning red and orange on cooler evenings as you listen to music and drink wine with friends.

If you’re thinking of gas, you’re going to be able to find a model of fire that suits your living area perfectly. Have a glance through our gas fires and contact us if you need some help.

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