5 Reasons Why You Should Choose An Electric Fire this autumn

With autumn drawing in, everyone’s thinking about their heating. Having the right fireplace is going to mean the difference between enjoying those frosty months in the comfort of your own home, and wishing them away as you long for the sun. If you’re wondering how to boost your heating in a quick, easy and effective way, we’d recommend choosing an electric fire. Here’s why.

First reason. Installing an electric fire is so simple. It’s usually only about having a socket available so you can plug it in. Of course, you want to make sure it has sufficient space around it so that you’re not causing a fire safety hazard, but that’s just common sense. With electric fires, you push it into place, switch it on, and there you go.

Number two. Because electric fires are so easy to install, they are also a great choice for portability. A student who is moving from one room to another between terms can have an electric fire packed ready to take with them. Do you want a heating source for your conservatory or summer house? An electric fire can look like a real traditional log burner but is so lightweight and easy to store, it can be hidden away out of sight when it's not needed. Perfect for the spare room.

As for a third reason, maintaining an electric fire is about as simple as it gets. No sweeping ash, and no stacking logs. No chimney sweep required to clear the flue, and no registered heating engineer to check the gas supply. With electric fire, maintenance is a breeze. It amounts to a quick wipe over with a duster now and then when it’s cool, basically to keep it looking clean and shiny for the visitors.

Our fourth reason is that with electric, you can keep an eye on all the heat you’re using, and switch off the supply when it’s not needed. That means you don’t waste heat, which means that you’re not wasting money. That’s perfect for those who care about cost-effective heating solutions.

Five, in terms of design, electric fires come in a wide range of styles, including real flame effects that are visible on a high definition screen and can be displayed even when the heating itself is not required. That’s a great solution for a warm autumnal evening when you’re not needing extra heat, but a flickering backdrop is going to make your dinner party that much more ambient.

Even if you have solid fuel or gas in other areas of the house, an electric fire is going to make all the difference. Wake up that spare room and make it somewhere you can relax with a book. Or invite a visitor to stay, and give them the luxury of their own fireplace.

In fact, there are so many more than five reasons! No smoke to worry about, few safety concerns for children and pets, and the versatility of any other plug-in appliance in your home. What’s not to love about an electric fire.

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