Air Vent Century 100

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  • 100cm² Ventilation
  • Approved For Superior Fires Flueless Fires
  • Draught Reducing Vent
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Air Vent Century 100

  • 100cm² Ventilation
  • For flueless fires and stoves
  • Dims (mm): Internal fascia (white): w270 x h195, External cowl (terracotta): w270 x h195, CSA: w220 x h145 (mm), Length: 280-330 (mm)
  • Draught resistant vent
  • Rectangular design
  • OVERVIEW: Larger air vent but with draft reducing baffles

The purpose of an air vent is to protect from rain, vermin etc. entering while allowing a measured amount of air to enter for combustion purposes. All flueless gas fires and stoves require a minimum ventilation of 100cm². Manufacturer's tests have shown that the Century 100 vastly reduced the speed of air recorded flowing through this product due to the internal baffles repeatedly changing the direction.

  • Patented product - Meets BS5440 Pt 2:2000 requirements for draught reducing vent
  • High draught resistance
  • External flush fit with optional external Terracotta cowl included
  • Tested to Advantica procedure
  • No direct light penetration
  • Reduce noise penetration
  • Unable to become blocked by cavity foam insulation
  • Louvre gaps to stop vermin or becoming blocked
Installation Information:
  • A minimum of 100 cm² purpose provided ventilation MUST be provided for this appliance.
  • An openable window or equivalent is also required.
  • Any ventilation fitted must comply with local Codes and/or Regulations. Ventilation fitted under, or within immediate vicinity of the appliance must not be used as it may adversely effect performance of the combustion monitoring system (ODS).
  • The appliance shall not be installed within one metre of any existing air vent, and any new air vent shall not be installed within one metre of the appliance. WARNING: Ventilation openings must never be blocked or restricted in any way.
  • Internal vents in an internal wall, other than appliances compartment wall, must be sited no more than 450mm above the floor level in order to reduce the spread of smoke in the event of fire.
  • Air vents should not be sited where likely to become blocked or flooded, or where contaminated air may be present at any time. Location should be such that air currents do not normally pass through normally occupied areas.
  • The air vent used to ventilate the OLD FLUE must not be sited within 500mm of this appliance.
  • The requirements of any other gas, oil or solid fuel appliances operating in the same room or space must be taken into consideration when assessing ventilation.
  • Any ventilation fitted must comply with BS5871 Pt 4 and BS5440 Pt 2:2000 for draught reducing vents. For Republic of Ireland refer to the current edition of IS813 and any relevant rules in force.

This information is intended for guidance only. Superior Fires recommends booking a Home Survey to determine whether this appliance is compatible with your requirements.

More Information
Manufacturer Guarantee 1 Year
Installation Information Any ventilation fitted must comply with BS5871 Pt 4 and BS5440 Pt 2:2000 for draught reducing vents. For Republic of Ireland refer to the current edition of IS813 and any relevant rules in force.
Exterior Colour Terracotta
External Design Cowl
Internal Colour White
Internal Design Louvre
Ventilation 100cm²
Width Outline A 270mm
Height Outline B 195mm
External Width D 270mm
External Height E 195mm
External Depth F 83mm
Packaging Width 340mm
Packaging Height 210mm
Packaging Depth 280mm
Packaging Weight 2.0Kg
Vent CSA W220mm x H145mm
Length Min L 280mm
Length Max L 330mm
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