Yes, You Really Do Need An Electric Fire...Here's Why

Have you considered an electric fire for your home? No? Perhaps that’s because in the past they had a definite retro look and feel to them. Remember those red-hot bars that glowed intensely if they were on, and burned anyone who got too close? Not exactly the kind of thing you want, to rejuvenate your tired living room. But nowadays the humble electric fire is a thing of beauty. What’s more, it’s convenient, efficient and powerful as a heating solution for your home. It’s definitely an option to consider.

Spelling out the advantages of electric heating is easy. Here are just a few benefits:

Installation? Simple. A plug, and a switch. There’s no need for chimneys or flues, and no special engineer required. That means you can easily move your electric fire to a different room if you like, and should you move house, your electric fire can come with you. Installation costs generally won’t apply with an electric fire, unless you’re hoping to insert the appliance into the wall or conceal the plug. That means it’s perfect for student rentals, spare rooms, and for anyone who is likely to be on the move or looking for flexibility. Move house with an electric fire, and you can always take it with you when you go.

How about safety issues? Well, with an electric fire, any ‘flames’ are created by effect rather than real live fire. But the technology is powerful, and with the right model, you can get the look of fire on the screen even when you don’t want the heating on. Many of the modern electric models have a safety feature which cuts the power in the event of a fault, so safety is a breeze.

Coming in from the cold outside, most people don’t want to have to wait to stack the logs and fan the flames. An electric fire is instant. Immediate heat means you can put the kettle on and the fire at the same time, and by the time your tea is brewed your room will be nice and toasty.

Sometimes it’s nice to change up your interior decor to freshen the look and revamp the design. Well, with an electric fire, there’s often the option to have a new trim or other features, without renewing the whole appliance. Change it through the seasons, have a few different alternatives ready for special occasions, because you don’t have to be stuck with one look of electric fire.

What’s more, fuel efficiency with electricity is extremely good. Since there’s no chimney or vent, you don’t get the loss of heat associated with other kinds of fireplaces. All the fuel you pay for goes toward heat your room, and that’s 100%.

So, if you’re in the market for a brand new electric fire, have a look at our range and get in touch if you need further advice. We think you’ll find it’s the best decision you made all day.

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