Why an electric fireplace might be the best choice for your living room

With the colder months now well and truly here, there couldn’t be a better time to think about investing in a fireplace for your living room. However, without a gas or a wood-burning set-up, it can be difficult to introduce a traditional fireplace into your home. Fortunately, there are now a number of electric heating solutions available which mean you can just ‘plug and play’; these come in a variety of styles. No matter what the size and shape of your living space is, an electric fireplace will always be a good fit. Here’s why you should consider an electric fireplace for your home this winter.

Wall mounted fireplace, one of the electric heating solutions offered by Superior Fires

They’re environmentally friendly

Wood-burning and gas fireplaces are less efficient than electric alternatives, with gas fires wasting around 30% of the fuel they consume. Wood burning fireplaces also present the risk of poor air quality and respiratory problems. Electric fireplaces are much more energy efficient and produce hardly any pollution, which also means that they are cheaper to run.

The temperature can be controlled

With a natural flame, it can be very difficult to control the temperature, and trying to will often further increase the inefficiency of your fireplace. With an electric fireplace, however, you can control the temperature to ensure that it stays at a comfortable constant for hours on end.

There are a number of styles to suit your space

Wood-burning or gas fireplaces are often permanent fixtures in your home; electric fireplaces, however are much more adaptable. They can be wall-mounted, or can even take the place of an old, unused fireplace. Electric fireplaces also come in a variety of styles so that they can be matched to the rest of your interior, ranging from ultra-modern sleek chrome designs to traditional Victorian-style ones. Alternatively, an Electric stoves takes up even less space, perfect for a smaller home, and only needs to be plugged into a socket.

They’re low maintenance

With a wood-burning fireplace, there’s always the trouble of having to fetch new firewood every time you run out. Electric fireplaces however are ready to go with the touch of a button. Some are even remote controlled so that you don’t even need to move to enjoy the warmth and comfort of your fireplace.

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