What Does Your Choice Of Fireplace Say About Your Personality?

When anyone comes to visit your home what can they learn about you from your fireplace? 

Your whole house can tell people a lot about who you are, whether that's because you have a love for hospitality and baking, a preference for shocking pink furniture, or a world-class collection of Beatles memorabilia that's encroaching over spare space! But let's talk specifically more on fireplaces. What does the style of your household heating say about who you are? 

Constantly on the move? Restless? Often busy with other things to think about. You sound like you might be a fan of electric fires. These can take the look and feel of pretty much any kind of fireplace, but underneath the beauty and contemporary design, you've basically got a plug and switch that lets you take control with none of the messing about. The heat is there when you need it, and even if you're someone who likes to rearrange your living space constantly, the fireplace will do it's thing just about anywhere in the room. Be sure there are enough ventilation and a handy plug socket and that's you sorted. Why make life any more difficult.  

Let's say your more the romantic type. if so, we're placing our bets that there's nothing you enjoy more than snuggling up with your loved ones in the warm glow of a wood burning stove. The ambience and sense of well being is well worth all the hard work of chopping and collecting logs, stacking them up in the woodshed and lighting up the fire. In fact, you probably feel better knowing that your toasty log fire needs you to bring it to life. What a homemaker you are!

What does your choice of fireplace say about your personality

Meanwhile, it's the personalities who just love to be ahead of the crowd and want to impress their friends with the latest trends and gadgets who are probably warming up their hands right now by a bioethanol fireplace. We get that it's not for everyone, but hey, that's why you like it! People will definitely mention you're fireplace to each other, and you really love that about your fireplace... It's the talk of the town. 

And then you have the level-headed homemaker who wants it all and also has pretty much decided exactly where everything needs to go. Gas fires as, like their owners - a little bit of everything that's good. The cutting edge style can compete with biofuels and log burners if you choose the right look. The cost is more than a match for its electric rivals. Likewise, the convenience and ease it hard to beat, as long as you're happy to leave your fireplace exactly where your fireplace is destined to stay. Gas fire people are dependable and at home with the world. 

So, did we get it right? The chances are we got it partly correct, and partly not. And that's a good thing because of course, even though there is a vast range of gas fires and electric fires out on the market, every person is unique. But also every home needs a heating solution which combines exactly the right benefits and advantages to suit each particular homeowner. Make sure you choose the one that works best for you and your lifestyle. 

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