Signs It's Time For A New Fireplace

Getting a new fireplace is potentially the wisest move you’ll have made all year! It might not be on your mind yet, but come winter, you’ll be looking back to this beautiful summer sunshine and wishing you and your loved ones could be toasting your toes in the cosy indoors whatever the weather outside.

We’ve got some stunning appliances you could consider if you’re ready to go for something brand new. But what if your existing fireplace looks as if it’ll do for a few more years? Even then, we think it’s definitely worth considering our quick checklist of things to look at before you definitely put aside the idea of replacing your fireplace. Whether it’s for health and safety reasons, to improve your heating budget, or perhaps for you it’s more the ambience of having an updated contemporary design, a new fireplace could make all the difference to your home.

First of all, how much heat is it producing these days? With an electric appliance that’s seen better days, a lesser output could well be down to the poor efficiency of an older model. You’re still paying for the fuel, so replacing with an updated fireplace is going to be saving you money. If a new electric fireplace seems to be failing, you should get the wiring checked.

How about your chimney? Sometimes they can start to lean, which is a sure sign you need to get your chimney stack looked at. Any damage could cause injury to people below or at the very least, the expensive structural damage that would cost more to repair than checking your chimney beforehand. Keep an eye on it.

A clue that your chimney might be in less than tip-top condition is the appearance of dripping water. Remember that any leaking water will cause erosion that could weaken the structure. If you haven’t had a look recently, again, it’s worth it for peace of mind.

Another reason for replacing your chimney is finding that your fuel costs are increasing just to keep the place warm. If you can’t see another reason for fuel costs to have gone up, you should consider calling in a professional heating engineer. With a gas fire, you’ll need a specially registered one. Having your fireplace checked for efficiency and good repair is an excellent idea, and ought to be done regularly in any case.

Those are just some of the signs that suggest it could be time to get a new fireplace or have the old one mended. Remember that if yours is a few years old now, any newer models are going to be a big improvement in design, output and ease of operation. So if you’re redecorating and your fireplace feels like it still belongs to the 1990s or before, have a look at the upgrade options to see what takes your fancy. You could be moving from electric to gas, or from an open fire to something that takes less maintenance.

If you need any help or advice on updating your fireplace, get in touch with us.

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