Freshen Up Your Fireplace for the Summer Season

We know that traditionally, fireplaces are used as a winter warmer, but as they have become such a key part of the home that they must be utilized all year around! There are plenty of ways to make your fireplace feel light and summery, meaning that it can always remain as a key feature of the room no matter what the month! Here are just a few ways you can freshed up your fireplace for this season:

an example of how to decorate the mantle of your electric fire

Freshen up with Florals

One of the biggest trends this summer has been to use in-season flowers for decoration. You can choose to put individual blossoms into small vases to scatter around the hearth and mantle, or opt for a full vase of fresh flowers to place in the centre. Alternatively, if you’re feeling a little crafty, why not create a flower garland that can be draped over the mantle? This create a boho feel, bringing the outdoors in and bringing a fresh feel to the indoor space. If you don’t want the hassle of real flowers, you can always invest in some good-quality silk/paper flowers that will not wilt as the weeks pass. 


Mirrors can help to make a room look bigger, and can also help to brighten up a room, which certainly helps to bring the summer vibes in. You might choose to invest in a new mirrored electric fire, which looks modern and stylish, and is easy to customise in each season! Or alternatively, you can place a large mirror on the mantle which creates an optical illusion of a larger space.

Invest in an LCD Electric Fire

An LCD electric fire gives you the versatility of being able to change up the moving images on the screen. This means that you can enjoy the warming crackle of a classic woodburning fire in the winter, and switch it up for a fresh fish tank, or summer woodland scene, meaning that the fire can remain as the focal point of the room all year around! The flame only effect means that you can simply switch the heat on when necessary, and enjoy the scenes whenever you wish!

Photo Bunting

We’ve all got hundreds of photos hidden away from fun family holidays and romantic breaks, so why not utilize these with photo bunting? Have a selection of your favourite snaps printed out in polaroid size, and clip them to a string located on or above your fireplace – this is particularly good to hang above a wall mounted fire. This will bring happiness to the room everytime you look back on those fantastic memories, and give the room a perfect personal touch!

Indoor Plants

It’s all about Pantone’s colour of the year – Forest Green, and the best way to bring this natural colour into your home is through the use of indoor plants! For the summer, why not opt for a tropical theme and invest in some fun cactus plants? Place an un-even number of these on your mantle with a simple tealight in between for the perfect, simplistic, summery look. Add in a copper coloured pineapple for a real youthful, on-trend feel! If you don’t have a mantle, these will look great on a window sill or shelf too!

Utilise the Hearth

If your fire is inset or freestanding, the chances are you probably have a hearth. When the fire is not in use, this is a great place to accessories to give your home a fresher feel. Place poupouree in a decorative vase or bowl, a selection of seashells or fresh flowers and plants on the hearth for a beautifully summery feel. This will also help to make the most of the room, adding depth and interest to the focal point of the room. 

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