Our home décor trends for spring 2017

In 2016 we saw a mismatch of trends from woven wall hangings to Scandinavian-inspired interiors. As 2017 has now begun, you are probably thinking about revamping your current style of home décor. It is definitely worth exploring some of the top trends that will likely appear on homes across the country and maybe even inspire you to change up your abode.

Chair facing a modern gas fire

Below, you will find a number of home décor trends which you should see this year:

Cool Greys

It may be grey outside, but there is nothing wrong with it making an appearance inside. Soft, neutral colours are timeless and grey is no different. Grey makes a great base shade for a room, on walls, curtains and linens and it also suits both cotemporary and period schemes.

Warm Pastels

Pastel shades provide a sense of warmth to your home, as well as adding a soft touch of colour, which is perfect for the spring months. If done right, they can be very subtle and pleasing and can lift the muted greys. We suggest contrasting a warm colour with metallic bronze accessories, it will be sure to make a room pop.


This trend is all about emphasising the natural beauty of materials, particularly wood. You can just start with a hand-crafted bench, a natural wood chest or table and then build your collection from there. Natural furniture looks particularly good in a room painted with neutral or pastel colours. 


Clarity is all about creating a false illusion of space with transparent surfaces and mirrors to bounce light around a room. Keeping to lighter shades will ensure that your house stays airy, light and fresh.


Surprise a room with a touch of yellow to bring ultimate warmth to your home. It will make a room look bold and beautiful, or you can use the yellow as a neutral colour by choosing a paint which has brown undertones, and pair it with sisal floor covering and neutral linens.


This metallic material will give any room an edge and works well as an accessory in a room. The metallic shine of copper creates a modern undertone especially when used as a table top, art, chairs, frames or lamps.

Boutique Wallpaper

Boutique style décor holds real attitude with its bold florals, extravagant colour and even metallic and 3D effects.

Fireplace Feature Wall

Whilst the fireplace may already be seen as the main feature in a room, it can be enhanced by choosing to make the whole wall a feature. By simply painting the wall which the fireplace is against and adding a warmer or darker colour, you can match the warmth of the fire to the décor. We have a great range of modern gas fires which will look fabulous on a feature wall. 

Farmhouse style

Farmhouse style is all about keeping a rustic feel within a room, and this type of décor works well throughout the whole of a home. White coloured walls, painted kitchen cabinets, wood floors, fresh flowers and beams all contribute to making a room into the style of a farmhouse.

Romantic Bedroom Colours

Deep ruby reds, raspberry, caramel and black are all colours which are going to be popular this year as they have an intimate and romantic vibe, which is perfect for the bedroom.


When looking to restyle your home, we suggest that you come up with a basic colour scheme for the whole house then take it room by room. Home décor is all about letting your personality and style shine through, and making it to your taste. You will need to make sure you have a plan for each room, as sometimes the space of the room can detract from the décor and not suite the shape and feel of the room.

Restyling your home doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg either. If you know what type of furnishings you are after, you can shop around a lot online. There is also nothing wrong with second hand furniture, if it’s not to your taste just give a lick of paint.

Lighting in a room is hugely important and also creates a real ambience. Lighting can add to or subtract from the overall colours of a room of from the surfaces that the light is meant to enhance.

If you are slightly stuck for some ideas, Pinterest is the best place to help you get creative with tonnes of interior design ideas and pictures!

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