Must-Have Fireplace Accessories And Spares

Accessories might sound to you like something that belongs on the catwalk or at a dinner table rather than on a heating appliance, but if you haven’t done so already, it’s time to treat your fireplace to those all-important finishing touches by getting the accessories and parts your hearth needs. And it’s not just about creating something nice to look at. Fireplace parts can have serious practical functions too.

If safety is your top concern, then accessorise your fireplace with a fireguard or fire screen. You’ll be able to keep those pesky sparks from damaging the rugs and furniture, and you’ll be doing your pets and family members a favour too. Not only that, a fireguard is an excellent way to disguise a fireplace that hasn’t yet been swept today when the visitors turn up. Or over longer periods, like when the fire is out of use for the next few months. And then, when the fire is burning regularly through the winter, you’ll find that screen indispensable, especially at night time.

How about a set of fire irons to help you tend to the logs and solid fuel in your burner or hearth. Blend the look with the style of the room so that you’re not just being practical, you’re actually enhancing the look and feel of your living space. A brush and shovel, some bellows, and a poker are basics. Maybe a set of tongs as well. Get a decent set of fire irons and they should last for years. What's more, they’ll help you get adept at tending to your fireplace and keeping the logs burning.

Another kind of accessory you might like to consider is a fireback. This will increase the efficiency of the fuel you’re burning as well as protecting the wall behind the fire. You will need a fireback if you want the look and feel of an authentic fireplace, and if you’re hoping to get the most heat for your money. If you like, you can even use a fireback behind a kitchen stove. It’s a strong design feature in the right kitchen.

And while we’re talking design, of course there’s the decorative element to accessories too. Perhaps you’re into the traditional country house or cottage look and you enjoy scouring antique shops for iron and brass ornaments to adorn your fireplace. These can work well around a gas or electric fireplace too, so you don’t need to save this idea for an open fire. In fact, when you enhance the look of your gas or electric fireplace with the right accessories, you can make it look even more like the real thing.

Look in auctions and reclamation yards for vintage log baskets, fire irons, grates and screens, and you could find an authentic bargain in great condition. But if you want to make sure you have a fireplace accessory that's in the very best working order that is certain to keep you safe and sound as you use your fire, then why not invest in something brand new. We have a wide supply of fireplace accessories to suit your home.

Get in touch if there’s a particular fireplace part you’re looking for that you haven’t managed to source yet. We're here to help you accessorise your fireplace ready for the new season.

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