Introducing Lagom: The Latest Lifestyle & Interior Trend

2015/16 saw the popular trend of hygge (pronounced hoo-gah) appearing here, there and everywhere. A movement that was focused on ultimate comfort and happiness, it is undeniable that it was something that we all loved to embrace. However, in the latter months of 2017, hygge has started to fade, making way for the latest fashion to hit our homes: lagom.

What is Lagom?

Lagom is not dissimilar to hygge, having too evolved from Scandinavia; it has been described as ‘the cooler younger relative’ of hygge. The word ‘lagom’ itself translated to ‘just the right amount’ in English and is all about creating a perfect balance within both your life and your home. Those who have already begun embracing the trend have stated that it is more of a way of life than hygge, which was more focused on specific moments, rather than the day-to-day living. Lagom encourages you to seek a permanent, perfect balance in your life. Not too little and not too much.

5 Ways to Embrace Lagom

 1. Keep an eye on your finances

Money is one of the number one causes of stress in the UK, and you’ll probably find this fact unsurprising. However, there are things you can do to keep that stress at bay. By keeping track of all your in-goings and outgoings, you’ll be able to monitor the places in which you are wasting money and find out where you could be making savings. Whether that’s bringing your own cup of coffee on your work commute or cancelling the contract for that device you never use! You may be surprised to see how much you’re spending on certain things such as food, travel and clothing.

2. Look at the sustainability of your home

One of the key elements that have emerged through lagom is that of sustainability, and your home is the best place to get started. Sustainable living will help you to find more contentment in your life, as well as helping to keep the environment in the best condition we can! Look at the energy usage of your home appliances – could investing in a 100% efficient electric fire save you money and energy? Old appliances can often keep the costs of your bills rising, so taking the plunge and investing in a newer version could save you time (and save the environment) in the long term! Are there ways you could save water?

3. Monitor your shopping habits

With today’s fast fashion market, most of us are happily unaware of the impact made on the environment by our throwaway fashion faux pas. How often do you buy clothes? How often do you throw away clothes? How much money do you spend on average per month? Learning to shop more sustainably will likely not only help you to save money and time but also to make it easier to dress in the morning! Find the perfect balance in your wardrobe between new and old and find your own personal style.

4. Use a diary or organiser

The next thing that you should try to balance with your new lagom life is your time in general. Using a diary to plan in your work hours, social hours and other activities will help you to keep on top of your busy schedule. What’s even more important, is that this should help you to find some more ‘me’ time, where you can do the things you love and simply enjoy them! Try not to book any appointments too close together and adopt a slower pace of life when you can; taking the time to enjoy a few moments of quiet here and there and the simpler things in life can ultimately help to increase your overall happiness!

5. Make some ‘New Month’s Resolutions’

Why should resolutions only be made once a year? Every day is a fresh start and a chance to try again or to try something new. Set yourself daily, weekly or monthly targets and this should help you to better your life one step at a time. Whether it’s to shower for one minute less a day to save water, to finally get around to redecorating your living room or to start doing yoga twice a week; setting achievable targets and completing them will heighten your happiness in the long term. Hopefully, in a few months time, you too will be enjoying the lagom lifestyle! 

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