How To Maintain Your Gas Stove

It’s always worth keeping your heating appliance checked and cared for, year-round, to make sure you have it working properly in the colder months when you really need the heat. Now, if you have a solid fuel burner or an electric appliance you’ll have your own routines to follow, and these are covered elsewhere in a different article because in this post we’re here to have a special word with gas fire owners about maintenance. And on that subject, there’s not much to say at all. That’s kind of the point.

Maintaining a gas fire can be one of those simple pleasures in life, especially if you have a neighbour who has to spend their weekends carrying and stacking logs for their open hearth. So put the kettle on, give them a cheery wave through the window, and then work your way through our extensive gas fire maintenance checklist. Except it’s not extensive. Just two things really.

First of all, make sure your gas fire is completely cool. Tempting as it might be to start the cleaning process on a warm appliance, you’ll be much better waiting until it’s cold. On the upside, the whole process is only going to take you a few minutes, so there’s no big rush. Grab a good book while you’re waiting and count your blessings. Your gas fire takes care of itself.

What you’ll need in terms of equipment to do the job is minimal. If the gas fire is really dusty you could reach for the vacuum cleaner, but the chances are you’ll be fine with a soft cloth and maybe a soft brush. Use them dry. If you’re feeling keen, consider a gentle glass cleaner to get the window clear and free of debris too. If you wipe both sides of the glass, make sure there’s no liquid remaining on the inside that could cause a fire safety hazard. Basically, use something gentle, don’t spill it, and polish away the residue.

Once you’ve done that, all you really need to do is give your friendly heating engineer a quick call to book your annual check. Choose recommended and registered professionals to make sure you’re covered and they're insured - very important when anyone is working on your gas supply. If you have a user’s manual you could let them see it while they’re there, but if not they’ll probably have access to the necessary information to ensure all the checks and procedures are followed for your appliance. They might like a biscuit, though, if you’re having one.

Perhaps you’re reading this and you don’t yet have a gas stove. Well then, hopefully, we’ve let you in on the secret. Gas is convenient and easy. If that sounds like the kind of lifestyle you aspire to, just have a look at our range of gas fires and you’ll probably find the exact design to suit your home. If you need extra help you can always contact us for more information.

In the wonderful world of heating appliances, gas fires are high performers, but they certainly aren’t high maintenance.

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