How To Install An Electric Wall Fireplace In Just 5 Steps

So just how many steps do you think it takes to install an electric wall fireplace? Did you guess five? Then you’d be right! And we’re not talking about the old fashioned versions with the lethal glowing orange bars and the obviously fake molded coal feature that lights up like a 1970s Christmas decoration. No, these days electric wall fireplaces are sophisticated and chic - right from the budget models through to the luxury looks. What's more, with the contemporary designs of appliances these days streamlined to make installation easy and straightforward, fitting of electric wall fires is much simpler than it sounds and well worth the effort. Here are the five steps to get you on your way.

First, ask yourself where you want your fire to go. If it’s just going to be hung flat to the wall like a wall-mounted TV, just make sure the wall and fittings are going to be suitably strong and sturdy. If you want it sunk into the wall, you need a hole. And not just any hole. If you’ve bought the fire from new you’ll probably have an instruction booklet with all the helpful info, but basically, you need a space in the wall that’s the right size for the fire - which means being just a bit bigger than the unit itself. If you’re getting that opening built for you, bear in mind that you might like to get the necessary electric socket nicely hidden in the wall at the same time.

With the framed opening ready and waiting, you’ll want to use some strong L brackets to hang the fire. The brackets will have come with the unit, so they’ll be the right size for the job. Make sure they’re attached securely to the wall with screws. Obviously, any fixings required to secure the electric wall fire into the wall, need to be sturdy enough so that you’ll have no worries about the stability of the fire when its in use.

Step number four is about what not to do. Don’t block the vents. Don’t add extra trim. Don’t fill in the gap around the fire. Basically, think health and safety and remember that there’s a good reason the manual asks you to leave a space for air to flow.

Finally, step five. You can add the glass front to the fire and it's done. Tada!

If we made that sound easy, that’s because it really is. In fact, that’s one of the joys of electric wall fires compared with other heating sources. Of course, you can get an electrician to do the work for you if you like, especially if you’re embedding the plug in the wall rather than using the existing socket. But unlike with a gas installation which requires professional fitting, electric appliances are easily installed, removed and replaced. Easy to take with you if you’re moving, and simple to upgrade when the time comes.

Have a look through the wall mounted gas fires on offer to see what’s available and if you need additional advice just get in touch. You could be just five easy steps away from your dream gas fire.

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