How To Choose The Right Gas Fire

You know it’s a gas fire you want, so the only question is, which gas fire should you go for? Whether inset, flueless, traditional, or contemporary, there’s a very wide range of appliances to choose from, and you’ll want to exactly the get right model for your living space. Here, we’ll talk you through some of your options.

Inset gas fires are an old favourite. With that living flame effect, it feels as if you have a true open fire. Not the most efficient way to heat your home because a lot of the heat you’re paying for is lost up the chimney. (Up to 50% in fact, and that’s a substantial hit to take when you’re looking for fuel-efficiency on a tight budget.) So don't have this as your sole heat source, however, fuel efficiency improves considerably if you go for a glass-fronted model.

A lot of people these days, if they have a real chimney in their home, favour the hole-in-the-wall designs. You save on floor space, and you’re likely to get a much higher output of heat than with an inset fire. If you have a large room and you need a focal point, one of these could be a great choice for you.

The most type of common gas fire to be installed these days is the balanced flue gas fire. You can opt for either an inset design or a hole-in-the-wall model, but the balanced flue will always have a glass front and a special vent that is much better for fuel-efficiency.

No flue? No problem. Power flues use a pipe to vent the fumes through an external wall. They need to be connected to the electricity supply to drive the fan that extracts the fumes, which does mean you can sometimes hear the noise. And, of course, if there’s a power loss the fire’s not going to work even though it's gas. But it’s still a decent option if you don’t have a chimney. Another option is the flueless gas fire. It’ll give you a real flame without a chimney, but it'll need to be in a sizeable room because of how the vent works. The flames in this model aren’t as big as in other fires, but the advantage is you can fit them to an interior wall. That gives you more options.

Remember, you are definitely going to need professional installation whichever kind of gas fire you choose. It’s a legal requirement for safety reasons, and it also gives you peace of mind. That professional should be able to give you the advice you need in terms of suitability of different fires for the room you’re looking to heat. They’ll know the legal and practical considerations, as well as how powerful a gas fire you need for the space you’re looking to heat. Make sure you keep their number handy for annual maintenance and in those rare cases there may be an issue with your fire. 

Gas fires are perfect for heating your home when you get the right model in the right place. Whether you're looking for something cutting edge contemporary or a more traditional model, we’re sure you’re going to find the gas fireplace that will become the hub of family life for years to come. 

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