How do gas fires actually work?

If you are considering investing in a gas fire, you may be wondering how they actually work and how safe they are. Understanding the method in which these fireplaces can heat your home will likely secure your decision in adding this element to your home so read on to find out more…

flueless gas fire available from Superior Fires

A gas fire is a great alternative to a traditional wood burning fireplace, with 100% efficiency rating, no by-products being produced and some have no need for a flue or chimney either! This makes them for an economically friendly choice that is both simple and versatile. This gives the look and feel of a real fire, but without any of the unwanted extras and work that traditional fireplaces require. These gas fires also take up minimal space, with options for them to be inset or wall-mounted depending on your personal needs and can be easily controlled with the use of a remote control.

There are two main types of gas fire:

Conventional flue gas fires

Gas fires that require a flue will come with a pipe that needs to have access to the outside, similar to that of a tumble dryer vent, rather than a chimney. These units draw air from the room outside to use during the combustion process, and then vent it directly back into the outdoors, meaning that no by-products such as moisture, fine particles or carbon monoxide will enter into your home. This will ensure that the room is heated to perfection without any other side effects.

Flueless gas fires

Flueless gas fires are the most versatile option, as they do not require a flue. This means that they can be placed in almost any room, and no extra work will need to be done for the instillation process, making it both quick and simple. Flueless gas fires burn cleanly so no extra vents are required to ensure that they are safe to use within a room, and have a very high efficiency rate that requires less fuel for a larger heat output than other alternatives. This means that you could cut your heating costs with ease by investing in a gas fire.

In both types of gas fire, gas logs (or something similar) will be used, although they do serve a purpose during the heating process, their main function is from an aesthetic point of view. These gas logs have no need to be changed and should last a lifetime, meaning that you won’t need to stockpile wood, wait a long time for them to heat or clean the fire out regularly. The heat will be almost instant and look just as good as a traditional wood burning fire!

All of the gas fires that we offer are fitted with an Oxygen Depletion Sensor and Flame Failure Device, which means that the minimal risks are further reduced, as the fire itself will cut off the gas supply if any of the sensors are raised.

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