8 Hot Autumn Home Trends for 2017

Here in the UK, the change in seasons often means a change in home décor, and with the warm weather coming to a close, what better way to spend your time inside? If you’re thinking of revamping your home this autumn, we’ve got a few ideas which may provide just the inspiration you were in need of to get started with your project.

1. Colour Block

Colour blocking when done well can have quite a dramatic effect on a room and is perfect for those who simply cannot settle on just one colour! This can be done in many ways, from colour blocking with furniture to wall paint. Try to keep the palette minimal, with no more than four colours in total, but be brave and bold with your choices for the best effect. Don’t forget to pick up tester pots of paint from your local DIY store, then test out your design on a smaller scale on the wall before committing to the design fully.

2. Monochrome

Monochrome has always been a classic, and this season, it has seen a revival as a fashion statement. Whether you opt for an all-white finish or one statement colour, it can look simply fantastic and add a whole new level of depth to a room. This trend works particularly well in modern homes, where added textures of sheen and matte can create the perfect interior.

3. Florals & Naturescapes

Printed wallpaper is the next big thing in home interiors, be it in floral masterpieces, forest scenes or grand nature-scapes. Transform your living room into an atmospheric haven with some statement wallpaper, and you’ll be the envy of the street. You do need a large room to pull this off, as dark colours can often make the room look smaller; however, for this season, this will work in your favour to create a cosy, homely environment where you can still enjoy the beauty of nature!

4. Au Natural

Bare woods, real plants and natural colour palates have been increasing in popularity over the last few months and we can certainly see why! It has been scientifically proven that real plants in the home can increase your levels of happiness; not to mention add an element of aesthetic bliss! Opt for a Scandinavian theme with beautiful wooden furnishings paired with neutral accessories to bring the outside in.

5. Geometry

You don’t need to be a mathematician to enjoy to look of geometry! You can embrace this style in almost anything, from geometric wall paint patterns to cushions, coasters and wall art! This looks best in bold contrasting colours, creating an impact. Every homeware shop is currently selling their own take on the geometry trend, so have a shop around to find the perfect combination for you!

6. Greenery

Greenery is Pantone’s colour of the year for 2017, and because of this, it naturally had to be a big trend throughout the year. The darker tones are perfect for the autumn and can be embraced in a variety of ways. Invest in soft deep green cushions and throws, create a feature wall in this bold colour or choose to accessories with smaller items in the shade to bring your home into 2017.

7. Texture

When re-designing a room, it’s important to think about not only how the colours will work together, but also how the textures will work together. This year, designers from all over the world have been celebrating the interesting effects that can be achieved through mixed textures, and you too could combine this into your home! The range could include cord fabrics, fluffy cushions, wooden effects, simple cottons and a selection of cacti, incorporating a variety of textures together to the eye to points of interest around the room.

8. Hygge

Hygge has been one of the biggest trends of 2017. A trend that encompasses all things relating to comfort and happiness, it encourages you to fill your homes with the things that make you happiest, cosiest and most comfortable: think soft fluffy blankets, hot chocolates and happy pictures dotted around the room. Our range of electric fires are the perfect addition to any room; with their ‘flame only’ effect meaning that you can enjoy the aesthetic of crackling flames with or without the added heat! Hygge is all about you, your style and your feelings, so embrace it and let your spirit run free!

Which of these trends would you love to embrace in your home? We’d love to hear from you via our social media channels! 

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