How to get on board with the biggest trend of 2017, Hygge

Hygge was one of the most talked about home trends of 2016 and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere in 2017. Drawing inspiration from the Danish word, which means ‘to comfort’, Hygge is pronounced ‘hoo-gah’, and the connotations of this style link closely to that of feng shui, with a more cosy and comforting spin. It is more than simply a home trend, but a lifestyle choice, encouraging people to enjoy the simple pleasures in life and to lead an uncomplicated life in contentment.

“Hygge is about spending time with loved ones, carving out me time, and letting yourself experience joy in the ordinary,” commented Traci Pinchette, the founder of Pumelo.

This trend has been around in Denmark for many, many, years, however it seems to have only just taken hold over in the UK and US, but now that it has, we are sure that this is trend that is here to stay. If you want to get on board and Hygge your home, we’ve got some tips on how best you can incorporate it:

living room complete with a wall mounted electric fire 

Let in the natural light

Utilise the natural daylight that pours in through the windows by ensuring you open the curtains each and every day. If you live on a busy road where nosy passers by often peak in, a light set of net curtains will ensure that you retain your privacy without losing out on the natural light. Although it is a little colder at this time of year, you should also make an effort to open the windows every now and then to refresh the air and let the outdoors in. 

Ultimate comfort

Put comfort at the forefront of your style choices; cosy rugs, soft blankets and bouncy cushions will help you to transform a space into a more welcoming and comforting environment. Change up bright artificial lights for strings of fairy lights and candles for a softer feel in the evenings. For a real sense of comfort, invest in a wall-mounted electric fire so that you can experience its warming glow in the heart of the home once the natural light has faded, this is perfect all year around, as it offers heat in the winter, but offers a flame-only effect for those summer evenings when the aesthetic is your only wish.

magazines in a bedroom 

Minimise on distracting technology

Bedrooms in particular should have minimal aspects of technology present, from TV’s to computers and telephones. Creating a space that is purely for relaxation and sleep will help you to get a better quality of rest at night, feel more refreshed and also encourage you to take a little more time out to read a book or enjoy some time alone. Create a space for yourself with all of your favourite items surrounding you that you can love and enjoy after a hard days work.

Make your space a place for gathering

Living rooms and kitchens are often known as the hearts of homes, where people come together to enjoy each other’s company, indulge in delicious foods and share exciting stories. It is easy to get too wrapped up in your busy life to engage in these gatherings, however, creating a space that is made for groups of people to enjoy will encourage you to plan these events a little more often. While the bedroom should be a place for you to enjoy, the kitchen and living room are places for others. Keep clutter to a minimum, instead placing meaningful objects that may be a source of conversation inspiration, and ensure that there is plenty of seating options in a communal area. The space should be warm, inviting and ready to receive guests at any time!

cactus on the windowsill 

Bring the outdoors in

Studies have often shown that green plants and pretty flowers can make us feel happier, from their aesthetic looks to the improved quality of air they offer. Make your space a more positive area by adding a few indoor plants and bringing the great outdoors in. Plants such as cactus and succulents are particularly easy to care for and look fantastic, so are a great choice for any first time plant owners who may be worried about wilting precious houseplants!

Neutral colour schemes

Bright colours and bold choices may be your preference, however, to embrace the hygge trend these should be swapped out for neutrals and shades of calming blues and greys. These colours will act as a shell to the environment you create, and can set the tone for how all the aspects will come together. Simple colours and plain patterns will mean that the accessories and furnishings in the room will better stand out to create a sense of charm and character within the room.

Make your house a more enjoyable space for your family and friends by making these changes to Hygge your home! 

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