Gas Or Electric Stoves, Which Is Best?

Looking for a new fireplace? You might have decided against an open solid-fuel fire if you’re looking for something without the hassle. But if you still like that traditional look, how about having a stove? They don’t have to burn solid fuel, you can have a stove that’s fuelled by electricity or gas, and many people who pass through your home probably won’t notice it’s not the real thing. Stoves are extremely popular for contemporary heating, just as they’ve been traditionally for years. Whether you’re looking for gas or electric, you’ll have plenty of choices and very soon your home could be warm with the ambience and comfort of a stove. Let’s compare those two types of stove to help you decide.


Electric stoves are simple to use, efficient with fuel, and flexible in terms of location. You don’t need a chimney, you just need a place to plug in. With an electric stove, you can create a magical glow at the touch of a button, whether it’s your main living space or a rarely used bedroom. You’ll even have the option of the flames without the heat, which means you save even more money. Electricity is an economical choice for occasional heating because when you don’t need it, you simply switch off, and there’s no unwanted ongoing heat to pay for. The real-life appearance of the log effect is impressive, and you’ll have many visitors asking whether it’s a real fire. 


If you’re looking for a stove as your main heating, gas could prove even more economical in the long run. Although you’ll need a heating engineer for installation, and to come back for regular maintenance checks, the actual cost of gas makes a gas stove cheaper to run. In fact, a clueless gas stove is even more efficient, as you won’t lose excess heat through the chimney space.


Here at Superior Fires we can supply exactly the stove you’re looking for, and we’re here to offer advice if you need it. Any existing chimney and/or gas outlet will have a bearing on the choice you make, as will your intended use. We can talk you through the factors and suggest appliances that might suit your living space.


There’s really no one answer as to whether gas or electric stoves are best because of the different advantages for different situations. If you’re after flexibility, reducing upfront costs, and ease of installation, then we recommend you consider an electric stove. If it’s more about long term fuel efficiency and a more permanent setting, where you’re hoping to upgrade your main heating source in your home, then a flueless gas stove is likely to be perfect.


As for the look and feel, and the ease of use, you’ll be well suited either way. Gas and electric stoves come in all kinds of designs, and contemporary fireplaces are built for intuitive ease of operation. Gas or electric, your new stove from Superior Fires will transform your home quickly and easily. Have a look through our product pages today.

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