Why Not Consider A Flueless Gas Fire . More Heat And Less Cost

A gas fire in your home could make the world of difference. It’s so much less hassle than a solid fuel fire, and cheaper to run than many electric fires. And if you opt for a flueless gas fire, you’ll have the additional benefits of environmentally friendly heating that’s much better for the energy conservation, with the knock-on effects for your home energy budget.

These days, hotels and restaurants are loving the new flueless gas fires because they’re stylish, eye-catching, 100% energy-efficient, and cheaper to run. Because they don’t use a flue like a conventional gas fire, all the heat produced is retained in the room with none of it lost through the chimney. Cost-wise, this represents a much reduced hourly spend of anything from 3p to 5p, instead of the usual cost which can be as high as 12p per hour. If you’re looking for the best fire for safety in the home, look no further than the flueless gas fire. The really low level of emissions means that you don’t need a catalytic filter system, and you’ll have a real flame without the glass frontage. That's less cleaning too!

So, say you live in a new build, or you have an apartment without a chimney. Perhaps you’re in an older house and the chimney has been blocked up at some point, and you’d like to avoid the cost, effort and intrusion of having it unblocked. That's not a problem. Even without a flue or a chimney, you can still have a flueless gas fire. You’ll have the satisfaction of retaining all the heat your gas fire produces, which is a big boost for energy efficiency. Not only will the environment benefit, but you’ll find a flueless gas fire saves you around 60% on your heating bills compared with an ordinary gas fire. It doesn’t matter which room you’d like it installed (except for the bathroom!) and your new flueless gas fire installation will probably be simple and straightforward. You don’t even need an external wall for this kind of heating appliance, which means that as well as the usual fireplace in the lounge, you could opt for installing it one your extension, your conservatory, and even your basement.

Another benefit of the flueless gas fire is the tried and tested impressive safety record of these models compared with other kinds of heating device. And of course, you have the choice of style and design to match your home decor, whether you want a traditional look to fit with your cottage or farmhouse interior, or a more sleek and contemporary feel in keeping with a modern home.

These days everyone’s talking about the flueless gas fire, and its definitely worth considering if your priority is for eco-friendly, cost-effective heating that is simple to install and will enhance the ambience of your home. Get in touch with us if you need further advice and we’ll help you decide whether a flueless gas fire is right for you.

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