Can You Fit A Gas Fire Even If You Don't Have A Chimney

What’s the solution if you’d really like a stylish fireplace but your home has no chimney? Many people think the lack of a chimney rules out benefiting from the many advantages of a gas fire. Well, yes, the convenience, the efficiency, the cost-cost-effectiveness of gas is hard to rival, but if you're thinking that having no chimney means you’re destined for electricity or nothing, here's some good news. While in the past this may have been true, these days it doesn’t have to be. Just as technological advances are transforming all areas of contemporary life, the big news story in the world of the humble fireplace these days is the balanced flue system. A balanced flue system does away with the need for a traditional chimney, and it’s extremely efficient and safe.

An external wall is all that’s needed for your balanced flue to be fitted. Drawing the necessary air for the fire to burn, and then venting any fumes safely outside, the balanced flue really does create the potential for a gas fire practically anywhere in your home. Because the gas fire unit is completely sealed, you won’t have to worry about the loss of energy or inhalation of anything nasty.

Depending on the style of gas fire you choose, some of the fumes may vent directly through an external wall, whereas others will have an upward vent that directs the air vent and out through the roof. But, basically, one enormous benefit of the balanced flue is that you don’t need to have a vent in the room itself. With a glass front to maximise radiant heat, the cost-effectiveness of this kind of heating is excellent. Practically no heat is wasted. Efficiency is around 99%.

Imagine the look and feel of a real flame fire burning behind glass. Because the air is drawn in from outside, the fuel is burning just like an open flame fire. But there are no fumes vented into the room and no loss of heat. So just because you don’t have a chimney it doesn’t mean you can’t take full benefit of gas.

The balanced flue is ideal if you want to have the feel of a fireplace in a home that wasn’t built with one in place. Take a look at the gas fires we offer, and consider whether a balanced flue might be the solution for your home. You’ll never look back. After all, everyone loves a gas fire!

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