Fire Safety Tips For Your Gas Fire

If you’re an owner of a newly installed gas fire, we know we won’t have to spell out the many advantages of this heating solution to convince you. A gas fire is very simple to use, quick and efficient to maintain, it comes in a range of attractive contemporary designs these days, and all that means guaranteed homely warmth conveniently at your fingertips. The right gas fire for your living space is definitely going to turn the cooler months into a chance to create some cosiness. But like every fuel, gas has its own set of considerations, and fire safety needs to be a top priority. Let’s take a look at some of the guidelines you need to make sure you know, to stay safe.

Time for a service? Registered engineers have the right training, qualifications and insurance to handle gas fire repairs and maintenance professionals. You need to make sure that any work you have done on your gas fire is carried out by someone with the right credentials, not just a friendly amateur. How can you check an engineer really is registered? Easy. You can call the Gas Safe Register (0800 4085500) and get the official answer. You can do this if you have any concerns at all.

The popularity of gas fires means that there should be plenty of reputable engineers in your local area, and you can probably get a recommendation from someone else with a gas supply. It really isn’t difficult to stay safe when you have regular checks on your gas fire. Sometimes these are provided free, as part of the package when you buy your appliance, or because you qualify for free help. Don’t miss the opportunity to have that piece of mind through the rest of the year.

If you’ve inherited your gas fire from the former residents of your house, it’s a great idea to have it properly checked over. You never know what issues might be hiding in there, and it’s best to know for certain that the appliance is in good working order.

And have you fitted a carbon monoxide detector yet? Carbon monoxide can be a killer, and if it builds up in your house you could have a real problem. A decent carbon monoxide detector (get a proper one, not just a cheap alternative) will alert you to any problem so that you can get out and call for help straight away. If you need some help on this you should contact a local fire safety organisation for advice.

If you haven’t yet taken the plunge and invested in a gas fire, these safety recommendations shouldn’t put you off. Every type of fireplace comes with its own concerns and safety requirements, and gas is a very popular and successful option for heating solutions. Have a look through our product pages for examples of gas fires you might like to own.

We have a wide range of styles and designs available and we are ready to help with advice and suggestions if you need to get in contact. Gas is a safe and heartwarming fuel for any home.

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