Elegant And Fashionable Fireplaces For Your Home

When you’re taking the decision to upgrade the heating solution in your home, it doesn’t have to mean abandoning the ambience and beauty of your surroundings. These days, fireplaces are designed to enhance the look of your house and can be seen an accessory or statement piece to accent the charm of a room rather than take away from it. Whether you’re a fan of electric or gas fireplaces, with a bit of research you should be able to source a model that is going to offset rather than upset your interior decor.

Of course, making the right decision is up to you. There are plenty of choices available, but you need to make sure the one you have in mind is going to fit with the rest of the room. Aside from questions about the amount of heat you need it to produce to heat your house, and the size of space you have available to accommodate it, you’ll want to take into account the aesthetic features. Elegant and desirable fireplaces are the new norm, so you should have no problem finding one that fits your space, your spec and your budget.

If electricity is your preference, consider the contemporary trend for minimalist units with a screen that shows active flames, but with the potential to fit it anywhere in your home. Gas fireplaces are slightly different, in that you will need a vent to allow fumes to be released, but you don’t necessarily need a whole chimney or flue, you could just use a direct vent system with access through the roof or an outside wall. That makes it really adaptable when you’re considering the perfect location for your fireplace. If you have a traditional cottage, you might want to upgrade to a contemporary twist on an old-fashioned stove.

When it comes to a fashionable look, play around with colours and textures. If you have one kind of stone or wood finish in the room, it’s a good idea to streamline the design of the fireplace in keeping with that - marble, with marble, granite with granite, or perhaps natural bare stone to match your hearth with a natural flooring. Choosing colours and that complement and contrast can be a subtle art, and you might want to call on the services of a friend with an eye for design or book a session with a professional to ensure you’re choosing well. Just the right look and feel makes all the difference to the ambience in the room, which will carry through to everyday life and social occasions for years to come.

So take a good look at the electric and gas fireplaces on offer, and get imaginative with your choice. Fashionable and elegant designs can be a real rejuvenator for a tired home, and that fresh look will bring a lift to every conversation and activity that happens within your four walls. With or without the heating on, your new fireplace becomes a warm and friendly hub around which family life and relaxation can thrive.

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