An Electric Stoves Suitable For Smaller Rooms and Flats?

When you’re choosing between the various heating solutions available on the market for a smaller room or flat, electric stoves are something you should really consider.

For a start, the installation is quick and easy. It’s not like you need a registered heating engineer or electrician, and, let's face it if it’s only a small room you probably don't want the fuss and bother of a lot of preparation or remodelling. Electric stoves can provide a ready-made transformation of your living environment. Plug it in, and off you go.

Perhaps you have a little room in your house that doesn’t get daily use, but on occasions, it doubles as a spare bedroom or office. Whereas gas solutions need installing permanently in place, electric stoves are portable, often lightweight, and would usually operate from just a single electric socket. Because they don’t need a vent or a chimney breast, you have maximum flexibility, and you can store them away afterwards ready for another day.

This is also a handy thought for students and tenants who are moving between living places and for whom portability is a deciding factor. Once you add an electric stove to the room, it can look and feel as if you’ve introduced a real-life hearth from out of nowhere. It really warms up the cosiness of the room, and only takes a moment to dismantle when no longer required.

Choose a lower powered electric stove for a smaller room and you’ll not only make welcome fuel savings, but you’ll also avoid overheating your living space. But you don’t have to compromise on style with lower powered electric stoves. With a range of designs of fuel and flame and the option for an LED flame image for an impressibly believable high-tech ambience, an electric stove could light up an unused corner of your house or bring a conservatory or summer house to life through the cooler months of the year.

How about a remote controlled heating device? Imagine getting yourself comfortable on the sofa, and being able to reach over operate the electric stove with the simple push of a button on a handset without getting up from your seat. That could make all the difference for someone with limited mobility. Elderly relatives who are looking for a safe and convenient option, with the look and feel of a real fire, could have life transformed by the installation of the right electric stove. It’s true that gas can be a more affordable alternative compared to electricity in terms of running costs. However, when you add in the costs of installing the unit, there’s probably no contest.

When it comes to heating solutions for a smaller space, electric stoves are hard to beat. Have a look the range we have on offer, and contact us if you need some help, for example, to decide how powerful an appliance you need. You could easily have your new fireplace in place ready for the new school term, the next holiday season, or your visitor to enjoy. We think electric stoves are perfect for apartments, bedrooms, small spaces and summerhouses.

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