How do electric fires produce such a realistic effect?

We are all very grateful for the invention of electric and gas fire, allowing us to warm up a room with little to no effort. No wood needs to be chopped, no flames need to be sparked and there is no wait for the flickering flames to begin and the heat to start to flow. Modern technology has allowed us the luxury of instant heat with a beautifully realistic look so that you don’t miss out on any aspects of a traditional wood-burning fire. However, you may have long wondered how these appliances create these realistic flames, so we are here to unveil the mystery!

electric fire with realistic flame effect


How the warmth of an electric fire is created is really quite simple, a heating coil is paired with a fan, pushing the warm air out into the room for instant heat. The heat is generated directly from the electric output meaning that little to no maintenance is needed and no logs, coals or pebbles are required. All our electric fires have a flame-only effect, so that when you seek the flickering glow of the fire but have no need for extra heat, you can have the best of both worlds. Therefore, the flames themselves do not create the heat; they are simply an added effect.


If you didn’t know any better, you would think that the flames produced within an electric fire were real. Thankfully, the innovation of technology in recent years has meant that the flames are nothing more than an intricate illusion. The flames are usually created through light reflected off of a rotisserie-style refractor that has a 3D pattern, creating the illusion of a realistic flame. The light source itself is commonly a simple light bulb. Although this may seem very simple, it certainly is effective and is the reason why flame-only effects are possible!


All of the illusion is hidden within the fuel bed, be it pebbles, beds of coal or lifelike logs, which can leave you happy thinking that you are enjoying the heat and aesthetic of a real life fire. These fuel beds have no real purpose in heating the actual room, which leaves you free to choose the fuel bed that most suits the theme of your room or your personal preferences.

Electric fires are a wonderful choice to heat a room, be it your bedroom or the heart of the living room. Their beautiful flickering flames provides a superb focal point, with a high energy efficiency (100%) so that you can keep the running costs of your home down. With no need for a chimney or flue, electric fires are a perfect option for those who are renting or are not keen to commit to putting in an alternative heating source; with an electric fire, you can often simply plug in and go!

If you are thinking of investing in a modern electric fire, get in touch today and we can help you to find the perfect option for your individual space. 

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