Electric Fireplace Logs - Perfect For Any Home, And Here’s Why!

Modern electric fires come in a variety of looks, but log effect electric fires are especially popular. It’s not surprising. They look and feel almost like the real thing, but it's the convenience factor that makes it perfect. 


What’s the big appeal about log effect electric fires? Well, there’s something very comforting about a real wood fire. Perhaps it goes back to days before humans had houses and phones and Netflix accounts. At that primal level, we’re all naturally drawn to the idea of switching off from the day and settling down in front of that orange glow that symbolises warmth and homeliness. The magical flickering flames and spontaneously crackling logs offer a multi-sensory ambience that’s pretty unbeatable for relaxation. 


If you’re keen to test out the theory, you could have a go with a screensaver that has the visual effects of burning logs! But far better than sitting in front of the computer to get your log fire fix, why not invest in an actual modern electric fireplace with its own log effect. 


Alternatively, you could get an actual open fireplace in your house. You’ll need a chimney, and you’ll need to keep it clear and swept. There will be logs to chop or have delivered, and you’ll need to store them somewhere safe. It’s a lifestyle choice, and many people are proud to make it their own.


But if you can’t be bothered with the maintenance and upkeep of the real thing, and you don’t want to spend time loading a fire and clearing up the ash afterwards, you may want to think about a log effect electric fire. That way you’ll get the advantage of that visual appeal, but with practically none of the hard work. 


And, one better than an open fire, is the option to have your log effect burning brightly even with the heat off. Psychologically, you still get the reward of seeing the flames burning away in your living space, but you won’t have to pay extra for the heat you don’t need. You can even get models where you have a remote control that operates the size of the flame, the speed of log burn, and perhaps even the colour of the light. Who needs a television!


You could buy a fire and plug it straight in. You won’t need a chimney, and if you want to set yourself up in the conservatory or garden room, the ready-made log effect will provide an impressive centrepiece. And if for any reason you’d rather watch coal burn than logs, coal-effect is also an option. 


So have a look at the range of electric fireplaces on offer and you’ll see why we think your home would look great with one. Choose your style to fit your personality, and you could turn a bare corner into a cosy new sanctuary to unwind, an empty bedroom into a warm reading room, or a garden shed into a snug playroom or comfortable den - lit by firelight, and all without striking a single match!


If you need extra help, just get in touch with us. We’d love to talk with you about electric fireplaces. We love that kind of thing.

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