How To Choose The Right Gas Fire

You know you want a gas fire. You already have the fittings in place, or you’ve sourced someone trusted who is going to install it for you. Ok, then let’s run through the options so you can choose exactly the right appliance for your needs.

Gas fires come in all kinds. They’re a really popular option these days because of the convenience, cleanliness and efficiency of this kind of fuel. You’ll have an eco-friendly and cost-effective fireplace, and contemporary models are impressively realistic.

If you have a chimney or flue in place, you can probably have your pick of gas fires, since styles of fire will be suitable. Get a chimney sweep to check the vent and give it a clean. They’ll probably also look over the masonry so you know the chimney is up to scratch and in good working order. This will ensure that gas fires that need the through-flow of air to draw the fumes can operate as they should.

If you don’t have a chimney, all is not lost. These days there are gas fire alternatives to the traditional kind, and often they are more efficient and very competitive alternatives. A balanced flue gas fire needs to go on an external wall, and a pipe does the work of the chimney. But if you want to fit your fire to an internal wall without a chimney, then a flueless gas fire is an option. It incorporates a catalytic converter that turns dangerous carbon monoxide fumes into the safer carbon dioxide that we breathe out all the time. Safety tests on these kinds of fire have truly impressive stats.

You can go for an inset gas fire if you have a cavity in the wall, or want to get one built. These are probably the most common gas fires, and have a traditional look and feel to them. If you’re missing the old fashioned hearth, then an inset gas fire could be your best option.

However, if you’re ready for something with a more contemporary feel, how about a hole in the wall gas fire. It's more minimal in design and instead of a hearth the fire is raised above the floor and set back into the wall. Perfect for the designer home.

With a gas stove, you can get the look and feel of a country kitchen with all the convenience of simple controls. In the right home, these are a great solution.  They bring a sense of vintage character, which is a great way to bring a homely feel into your home.

And if you’re after a bespoke gas fire for your warehouse flat or open plan home, you can even get enormous scaled-up versions that will be the talking point for all your visitors as well as providing as much heat as you could want.

Choose your new gas fire according to the look and feel you want to create in your home. Take advice, shop around, and we can promise you’ll find a model to fall in love with. 

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